Roger Noriega, Michael Mukasey, Jim Woolsey, Andy McCarthy

President Obama doesn’t need to hit the reset button but hit the on button; this idea can be applied to a variety of issues which our guests touch on today. Roger Noriega explains the threat to American interests in Latin America as well as the sanctions against Venezuela and its business relationship with Iran. Mr. Noriega also touches on the case against fore Honduran president who is a sidekick of Hugo Chavez. Michael Mukasey discusses the threat from Sharia and the stealthy jihad being waged against America. Former CIA direct Jim Woolsey brings to light the idea of denuclearizing America, as well as the Arab Spring and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East and Africa. Andy McCarthy points out the president’s devious acts against Israel as a result of his own views of the Jewish state as a creator of problems.


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