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Roger Noriega, Michael S. Smith II, Christian Whiton

April 12th, 2013

How well informed is U.S. President on Venezuela, it’s significance, and that of the U.S. role in Latin America?  Former Ambassador to the Organization of American States, ROGER NORIEGA, helps us discover why the unrest and suffering in Venezuela is a symptom of Cuban influence and U.S. indifference to it.

MICHAEL S. SMITH II, of Kronos Advisory LLP, examines the historical relationship between Iran and al Qaeda, and why that relationship is souring as al Qaeda desperately tries to stay relevant in a world more preoccupied with the political revolutions of the "Arab Spring."

In a special two-part interview, former US State Department senior adviser and principal at DC International Advisory LLC CHRISTIAN WHITON goes into an in-depth analysis of North Korea. Topics discusses include the regime's relationship with China, what is behind the dictatorship's extreme hostility towards religion, and how the U.S. might be able to better relations with the country by changing its rhetoric.

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