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Roger Noriega, Robert McFarlane, Joel Rosenberg, Diana West

March 6th, 2013

ROGER NORIEGA, founder of Inter-American Security Watch, analyzes what's happening in Venezuela following the death of Hugo Chavez yesterday, discussing Cuba's involvement in determining whether secession will be constitutional or not, and suggesting ways America can help to fulfill its interests there.

From the Partnership for a Secure America, ROBERT McFARLANE reveals the benefits that America could receive if it were to allow market forces to control the oil trade instead of allowing OPEC to set the prices for oil, including oil independence for America and her allies, more jobs for Americans, and cheaper prices at the pump.

JOEL ROSENBERG, author of Damascus Countdown, explains the quasi-war game setting of his latest novel which explores what would happen if Israel were to preemptively strike a nuclear Iran against the wishes of an American administration.

Syndicated reporter and author of upcoming American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character, DIANA WEST criticizes the GOP's non-strategy for dealing with presidential nominations in reference to issues that needed to be raised but weren't in Chuck Hagel's, John Kerry's, and upcoming John Brennan's Senate hearings.