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Roger Noriega, Robert Zubrin, Fred Fleitz, Eric Stakelbeck

January 17th, 2013

ROGER NORIEGA, with the American Enterprise Institute, teaches us about the presence of Mexican drug cartels in over 1,000 American cities, and representing a huge percent of our organized crime, and discusses how America's voracious appetite for illegal drugs is funding terrorist programs all over the world

Special guest ROBERT ZUBRIN, president of Pioneer Astronautics, reveals the truth about Al Gore's connections to Qatari oil and his hypocritical views on the environment, discussing how the environmental movement has cost America literally billions of dollars in lost oil revenue, and helped feed the growth of terrorist organizations worldwide.

FRED FLEITZ, from, reports on the situation in Mali and Algeria, illuminating Algeria's hard-nosed stance towards rejecting human aid, and the disastrous consequences were an Islamist state to arise from Mali's turmoil.

From CBN News, ERIC STAKELBECK, having just returned from a trip to Israel enlightens us to Israel's perilous situation in the rapidly changing region, and the amazing effectiveness of their Iron Dome missile defense system.