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Roger Noriega, Trevor Loudon, John Bolton

July 21st, 2011

In recent years, liberal media and advocacy groups have failed to recognize the truth in the Israeli-Pakistani conflict: Israel has a right to exist in the region. Frank tells us about of his experiences at the 6th annual Christians United for Israel convention where he and 1,500 attendees examined the role that non-Jews have played in the survival of Israel and what it means for United States national security. Then, visiting fellow at AEI, Roger Noriega gives us his insight on Hugo Chavez’s fifty percent chance of surviving the next 18 months and the opposition factions that will form after his eventual death. He believes that the democrats within the country will need to move quickly to fill the vacuum with positive energy for the future. Next, Trevor Loudon in his new book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, discusses how the 5th column movements in the United States are undermining our military defense. Additionally, he examines the close ties that Obama’s allies and former mentors have to far leftist, Communist groups. Lastly, Former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton joins Frank to voice his concerns over the threat of the Palestinians advocating for official statehood in front of the UN General Assembly. If the General Assembly recognizes their statehood, he says, the US should cut off all funding to the UN. He then gives his recommendations for isolating monetary waste within our government.

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