Rowan Scarborough, Kori Schake, Michael Rubin, Christian Whiton

ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, of the Washington Times, investigates the idea of socially engineering the military by implanting women in combat, among other things, and looks at how lowering the standards of the military to allow more women into combat poses a large danger to the quality of the military.

KORI SCHAKE, of the Hoover Institution, puts into prospective the relationship between the US and Russia, including how Russian policy is anti-American and how Russia is longing to be a Cold War superpower once again.

MICHAEL RUBIN, of AEI, focuses in on the chaos happening in every corner of the Middle East and looks at how the radical Islamists in the region are growing more aggressive towards the US.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of the DC international Advisory, analyzes the collapse of Obama's progressive doctrine to the world as well as looks into how the president has started to be perceived as weak on the world stage.

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