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Sara Carter, KT McFarland, Robert Muise, Ken Timmerman

April 4th, 2012

1st Lieutenant Joshua Waddell (USMC) was given an unsatisfactory fitness report because he followed orders and went after a known terrorist. The military feels that civilians could have been harmed in the operation to capture this terrorist and therefore Lt. Waddell should not have pursued the man, yet this man planted IEDs throughout Afghanistan with no regard for civilian life. Sara Carter explains how the Rules of Engagement are increasingly being set by our enemies instead of our military leadership. Congress is now working on the Waddell Bill which would establish a three person review board, in country, to review these cases before they end up in a soldiers file and thereby ruining careers. Since when is it wrong to go after terrorists?

The Arab Spring is becoming less about democracy and freedom and more about radical Islam coming to power. KT McFarland elaborates on the notion that countries in which the US played an active role after their revolution, were more likely to become democratic and proper. Should the US push for a greater role in the future of countries like Egypt?

The New York City MTA allowed a pro-Palestinian ad, which denounces Israel, to be publically displayed in the NYC subway system yet they denied a pro-Israeli ad which they deemed as demeaning. Promoting jihad is acceptable, but promoting democracy is demeaning? Robert Muise is helping to sue the NYC MTA over violation of first amendment rights because he feels the MTA made gave this ad a public forum and therefore must also provide a public forum for an opposing advertisement. Is this another form of the stealth jihad?

The current congressional representative of Maryland’s 8th district has some questionable ties to Tehran and the Iranian regime. Ken Timmerman will be trying to take incumbent Chris Van Hollen’s seat in the 8th congressional district this November because he is tired of seeing Iranian lobbyists influencing member of Congress. What has Chris Van Hollen done in support of Iran?

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