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Sen. Jim Inhofe, Elaine Donnelly, Jose Cardenas, Andy McCarthy

December 4th, 2012

With Sen. Jim Inhofe, Elaine Donnelly, Jose Cardenas, and Andy McCarthy

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma discusses the need to keep Gitmo open to housing terrorists rather than bringing them to the U.S. He also touches on America’s lack of missile defense systems on the east coast.

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness explains ACLU’s agenda of forcing women to sign up for the Selective Service and enter frontline combat roles. They are taking up a legal case to put women on the frontlines and have them treated like men, against the wishes of female soldiers and the military as a whole.

Jose Cardenas of Vision Americas looks at the first days of the new Mexican government. Cardenas expresses his fear that the new government might back away from the cartels which would only give them more authority and prolong the Mexican drug war.

Andy McCarthy gives his analysis of the Syrian Islamists promise to behave if they get aid to topple the Assad regime and have a say in the new Syrian government. McCarthy looks at the Egyptian model in order to presume what will be the future of Syria