Sen. Ron Johnson, Ron Crews, Fred Fleitz, and Amb. Roger Noriega

Sen. RON JOHNSON (R-WI), incoming Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs:

  • Johnson’s commitment to dedicate time as Chair of HSGAC to securing America’s electrical grid
  • Exploring the three main dangers to the grid: terrorism, cyber attacks, and ecological disasters
  • What is the likelihood that the Senate will pass a Critical Infrastructure Protection Act in the new Congress?
  • Implications of Obama’s assent for an Authorization for the Use of Military Force to "degrade and defeat ISIL"

Chaplain (COL) USAR (Ret.) RON CREWS, Executive Director for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty:

  • The historical roots of religious freedom in the U.S. military, and where things stand today
  • Social engineering by the Obama Administration of America’s armed forces
  • Details of the investigation of former Army Ranger and current Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn, who shared his personal battle with depression during a suicide prevention class
  • Chaplain Crews’ testimony at a Congressional hearing on the double standards that exist in the military when it comes to religious freedom

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA Intelligence Analyst:

  • Senate Intelligence report damning the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program
  • What effective non-partisan intelligence oversight looks like
  • Impact of shrinking support from foreign intelligence services on U.S. HUMINT
  • President Obama's drone strikes

Amb. ROGER NORIEGA, former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States:

  • Bipartisan legislation sanctioning Venezuelan officials involved in the crackdown on student-led protests
  • Will the new sanctions--along with an ailing economy--help lead to regime change in Venezuela?
  • Details of the terms and conditions of the Guantanamo Bay prisoner transfers to Uruguay
  • The latest in the Colombian peace process
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