Seth Cropsey, Dr. Peter Pham, Hans von Spakovsky, Andrew McCarthy

SETH CROPSEY of the Hudson Institute and former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy, weighs the increasing threats and instability in the Pacific with the corresponding sequestration cuts to Naval forces.

Dr. PETER PHAM of the Atlantic Council enumerates the failure of the U.S. to compete for economic, political, and military influence in Africa in terms of accelerated Chinese influence in that space.

HANS VON SPAKOVSKY of the Heritage Foundation discusses a ponderous report by the Justice Department’s inspector general with allegations of misconduct by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez who is the President’s current nominee for Labor Secretary.

ANDREW MCCARTHY, author of Spring Fever, explains the strategic blunder by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in yielding to pressure by the U.S. president to apologize for enforcing a legal naval blockade barring aid to terrorist group Hamas.

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