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Sylvia Longmire, Douglas Feith, Sam Fischer, Jim Hanson

May 17th, 2012

·         Air Force Special Agent (Ret.) Sylvia Longmire discusses the war between the cartels and the horrific acts being perpetrated by these criminals. What is the state of Mexico and the future of the War on Drugs?

Mexican drug cartels in fight over drug route, 49 decapitated bodies found | Fox News

·         Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith explains how Obama is all talk and no action because he won’t give the resources needed to solve problems that he has identified as being national security risks. Will our military be able to meet all the challenges facing the US?

Bush policies he reviled are crux of Obama's arsenal - Washington Times

·         Film director Sam Fischer talks about this new movie “Memorial Day” which will air at the GI Film Festival this week.

Memorial Day

·         Former Green Berets Jim Hanson explains how Obama is ramping up covert operations in Yemen and is giving the troops more flexibility in conducting their operations through a new Executive Order. Obama is also compromising intelligence and military operations in order to garner political support.

U.S. escalates clandestine war in Yemen

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