Taylor Dinerman, Yoram Ettinger, John Guandolo, Paul Lavelle, Gordon Chang

TAYLOR DINERMAN of the Gatestone Institute speaks about the military procurement process and how the military needs to revamp that process ahead of drastic budget cuts. Over the last decade, the Army has wasted over $46 billion in projects that ended up failing or being scratched.

AMBASSADOR YORAM ETTIGNER explains the influence Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood are having over the region and how that influence presents a clear and present danger to Israel and ultimately the United States.

JOHN GUANDOLO and PAUL LAVELLE of Operation Restored Warrior explain their program which helps wounded warriors; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG discusses China’s economic crisis where it has run out of local currency. The economy has slowed down and there is not enough money within the country to jump start the economy and create a stimulus. China’s inflation rate has skyrocketed as a result of the government just printing more money, but it could be too late to stimulate the economy.

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