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Tim Sumner, Rep. Todd Akin, Thomas Donnelly, Andy McCarthy

January 24th, 2012

How can a government send its troops to fight an unconventional war against an unconventional enemy and then call them criminals for defending themselves? A Marine unit came under direct fire from al-Qaeda insurgents in the town of Haditha, Iraq and those insurgents were using a local house as their central command for this attack. The Marines were taking heavy casualties (7 KIA and 1 WIA) therefore they stormed the house and killed the insurgents, which is what they were trained to do, but unfortunately 3 civilians were killed in the process. Insurgents use civilians as human shields, which is a war crime itself, yet US troops are held accountable when those civilians become casualties of war. The Rules of Engagement are ambiguous at best when it comes to this situation so how can we question a split-second decision that is made in the heat of combat while your friends are being killed? US Army Sgt. Tim Sumner (Ret.) gives his take on the tragic outcome to this tragic event.

Congressman Todd Akin explains the separation of powers and the Constitutionally divided government of the United States, as well as how Obama is showing his willingness to ignore federal law and the Constitution. How can Congress stop this administration from hurting the US even more? Listen to the interview and found out how our military will be in bigger trouble if Obama gets his way.

The president is accelerating America’s retreat from the world stage and he is not passing the ball to another country, he is just dropping the ball and letting nations fend for themselves. The world has been a relatively peaceful place since America has taken the lead on global security and in order to maintain this level of peace America must stay in the lead. Our national debt will rise under the Obama Administration’s policies and we cannot attempt to offset these rising costs on the back of our national defense. The president wants to cut the DOD by over a trillion dollars, which in terms of defense is huge, but in terms of our overall deficit it is just a spit in the bucket. Tom Donnelly of AEI explains more in his interview with Frank.

Are young Americans ignorant to the threats their country faces? Ron Paul and people like him have a skewed idea of the threats that face America and therefore he cannot assume the role of Commander-in-Chief even if his domestic policies are sound. Liberals are making warfare political and therefore harder to win and that is the point of war. America will keep facing longer engagements and greater casualties because the Left tries to keep putting constraints on our brave men and women in uniform. Andy McCarthy gives a further analysis to this situation.