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Victor Davis Hanson, John Bolton, Michael Rubin, Gordon Chang

February 4th, 2013

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, of the Hoover Institute, postulates why Obama is changing over 65 years of American foreign policy to remove the US from its preeminent place in international relations, and explains the reasoning behind Obama's progressive move to cut defense spending to fund entitlement programs.

AMB. JOHN BOLTON, former US ambassador to the UN, analyzes the fallout from Chuck Hagel's Senate hearing, and explains that nuclear deterrence won't work against an enemy who believes that such destruction would lead to paradisaical glory.

MICHAEL RUBIN, from the American Enterprise Institute, explains how Egypt is on the brink of becoming a failed state, how Turkey is not an American ally, and how Al Qaeda has planted its roots in the Syrian rebellion leading to disastrous consequences for Israel no matter the outcome of the current conflict.

GORDON CHANG, from, interprets the war-talk coming from Chinese officials, combined with recent increased isolation in Tibet, and aggression over disputed islands as a warning to America of China's desire for a war in the near future.