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Walid Phares, Gordon Chang, Andy McCarthy

September 6th, 2011

In 10 years after 9/11, where do we stand?  “Basically we are still in 1942,” says Dr. Walid Phares.  Phares, Professor at the National Defense University, joins Frank for two segments to discuss the state of America and the Middle East in the War on Terror, 10 years removed.  “Not only the enemy is not defeated, the enemy is not even identified,” he says, remarking how in the three years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States had both recognized and secured victory against Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan in the Second World War.  Shaped by campuses, the media and the bureaucracy, today the national dialogue merely asks, “Is Jihad 24/7 Holy War, or Yoga?”

Phares continues his discussion by detailing the “neo-Ottoman” rise of Turkey, and its increasing tensions with Israel.  The author of The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East explains the “Erdogan Flotilla,” and what we should be weary of in the region, from Gaza to Syria.

Then, Gordon Chang provides his weekly China update, and delves into their “Gangster trade.” By ignoring environmental rules and imposing export restrictions, China is capturing virtually all the world’s rare earth production.  These materials are vital to advanced weapons technology, and China is “engaging in every predatory trade practice imaginable” to secure these valuable resources, and make the U.S. military beholden to the Communist regime.  Chang then explains why we should kick out Huawei, the telecommunications company founded by a retired People’s Liberation Army Officer, and the latest on Iran’s nuclear program.

Finally, weekly commentator Andy McCarthy, Contributing Editor of National Review, also considers the condition of America 10 years after 9/11.  McCarthy is pleased that contrary to campaign promises, the Obama Administration has bought onto the counter-terrorism strategy of Bush and Cheney, by keeping Guantanamo Bay open, maintaining military tribunals and increasing the use of predator drones, putting us in a better place than we were ten years ago.  However, on the Ideological front, “we are in a much worse position,” he says.  “We’ve made great progress against the militant Jihad and the ‘Soft Jihad’ is making great progress against us, unfortunately,” he concludes.  The author of The Grand Jihad, also comments on the successes of the NYPD thanks to Commissioner Ray Kelly’s intelligence-based counter-terrorism, derived from “the quaint notion that the police actually have to do the police work” in keeping the greatest target in the U.S. safe, nearly 10 years and counting.

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