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With Angelo Codevilla

November 8th, 2018

ANGELO CODEVILLA, Professor of international relations at Boston University, Fellow at the Claremont Institute, Senior Editor of the American Spectator, Former Foreign Service Officer, Served on the Staff of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee between 1977 and 1985, Principle author of the 1980 presidential transition report on intelligence, Author of The Character of Nations: How Politics Makes and Breaks Prosperity, Family and Civility:

  • The current revolution taking place in the US
  • Disconnection between the political elite and the public


  • Consequences of midterm election results
  • The improvement of the Trump administration’s national security agenda


  • The collaborative efforts of the red-green axis
  • Glaring shortcomings in US national security apparatuses


  • Vladimir Putin’s long-term political aims
  • The Trump administration’s coherent China policy