Secure Freedom Radio Podcast

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With Benjamin Weingarten, Dan Cadman, Leon Aron and Bill Gertz

April 14th, 2017

BENJAMIN WEINGARTEN, Founder and CEO of Change Up Media LLC:

  • Is the administration preparing to oust Assad?
  • The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

DAN CADMAN, Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies:

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ actions on sanctuary cities
  • Will the President fulfill his campaign promise to build ‘the wall’?
  • Terror threat from the border

LEON ARON, Resident Scholar and Director of Russian Studies at the American Enterprise Institute:

  • Tillerson’s visit with Vladimir Putin
  • The importance of Radio Free Europe

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:

  • MOAB bomb dropped on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan
  • Trump administration policy options for North Korea
  • Would the U.S. act unilaterally against Pyongynag?