With Fred Fleitz, Bill Gertz, Todd Bensman and Claudia Rosett

FRED FLEITZ, President and CEO Center for Security Policy, Former CIA analyst, Former Chief of Staff for Amb. John Bolton in the State Dept., Author of The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare: What Trump Must to Reverse Obama’s Strategic Patience (2018):

  • One year anniversary of JCPOA withdrawal coming up
  • Is war with Iran on the horizon?
  • Why designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization is necessary

BILL GERTZ, Senior editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring columnist at the Washington Times, Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age (2016):

  • Trump’s recent Executive Order prioritizing U.S. electric grid vulnerabilities
  • Implications of China’s influence operations in the U.S.
  • How Obama’s DOJ abused FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign

TODD BENSMAN, Senior Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies:

  • The dangers of traveling through Northern Mexico into the U.S.
  • Why President Trump cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador
  • Who is crossing our southern border today?

CLAUDIA ROSETT, Foreign Affairs columnist at Forbes.com, Blogs at “The Rosett Report” at PJ Media:

  • The roles China and Russia have been playing in North Korea
  • Pyongyang issues bill for Otto Warmbier’s medical care to the U.S.


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