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With Fred Fleitz, Curtis Ellis, Robert Charles, and David Goldman

April 2nd, 2020

FRED FLEITZ, President and CEO Center for Security Policy, Former CIA analyst, Former Chief of Staff for Amb. John Bolton in the State Dept., Author of The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare: What Trump Must to Reverse Obama’s Strategic Patience (2018):

  • Assessing how President Trump has handled the coronavirus crisis in the United States
  • The need to analyze how the world's governments dealt with the pandemic after it has concluded
  • Why the US doesn't need another committee similar to the 9/11 Commission to deal with worldwide pandemics in the future

CURTIS ELLIS, Senior Policy Advisory with America First Policies, Senior Policy Advisor with the Donald Trump Campaign:

  • How President Trump has mobilized American public spirit and the American public sector during the coronavirus pandemic
  • A Chinese plan to take advantage of the United States in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak
  • The need to end US dependence on China for various supply chains

ROBERT CHARLES, Former Assistant Secretary of State at the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs in the Bush Administration, Author of Eagles and Evergreens:

  • Reasons for optimism during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Why President Trump is the right leader for America in the coronavirus crisis

DAVID GOLDMAN, Author of How Civilizations Die, Best known for his series of essays in the Asia Times under the pseudonym Spengler:

  • The state of coronavirus in New York City
  • How coronavirus has impacted crime rates in NYC
  • The connection between Europe and China with respect to pharmaceutical technology

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