With Joel Caplan, Roger Robinson and Arthur Herman

JOEL CAPLAN, Former small business owner and investor in Chinese companies, currently becoming a multi-cultural/inter-faith Israeli Tour Guide through the Haifa University “School of Tourism”:

  • How transparent are Chinese companies?
  • First-hand experience of investing in Chinese companies

ROGER ROBINSON, Co-Founded and presently Chairs the Prague Security Studies Group, President and CEO of RWR:

  • What is President Trump doing with respect to the Thrift Savings Plan?
  • Analyzing the business practices of companies that are in the Thrift Savings Plan
  • What are the next steps to end federal investment in China?

ARTHUR HERMAN, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Author of 1917: Lenin, Wilson and the Birth of the New World Disorder(2017):

  • A historical perspective to investing in Chinese companies
  • What is the Chinese business strategy applied in the United States?
  • Have Chinese companies infiltrated other country's borders? 


  • How has the coronavirus impacted US citizens' view of doing business with China?
  • How can the US disengage from China?
  • What is the state of the US industrial base at the moment?
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