Secure Freedom Radio Podcast

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With John Fonte, Diana West, Mark Schneider and Fred Fleitz

May 3rd, 2017

JOHN FONTE, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for American Culture at the Hudson Institute:

  • The role sovereignty played in the election of President Trump
  • The struggle between national self-determination and rule between global authority

DIANA WEST, Author of The Death of the Grownup and American Betrayal:

  • Anniversary of Joseph McCarthy’s death
  • Parallels between the 1950s and today

MARK SCHNEIDER, Senior Analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy:

  • North Korea’s latest missile launch, EMP or failure?
  • A New Nuclear Review for a New Age

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA officer, Senior VP for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Threat from North Korea
  • Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about Russian meddling in the US election