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With Michael Cutler, Claudia Rosett, Dr. Anders Corr and Grant Newsham

July 24th, 2020

MICHAEL CUTLER, Retired Senior Special Agent of the former Immigration and Naturalization Services, Hosts the radio show “The Michael Cutler Hour” on Friday evenings on BlogTalk Radio:

  • Analyzing the security of the US southern border
  • Why sanctuary cities are "magnet cities"
  • The recent push to defund the US police force

CLAUDIA ROSETT, Foreign Policy Fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, Blogs at “The Rosett Report” at

  • Mike Pompeo's speech laying out the US plan for dealing with China
  • The case for the Chinese Communist Party being classified as a transnational criminal organization
  • The damage the World Health Organization has done during the coronavirus pandemic

DR. ANDERS CORR, Publisher, Principal at Corr Analytics Inc., Journal of Political Risk:

  • The Chinese Communist Party's treatment of their own citizens
  • How can the US counter the Chinese Communist Party?

GRANT NEWSHAM, Senior Research Fellow at Japan Forum for Strategic Studies:

  • Comparing the US and Chinese navy
  • Chinese companies operating in the United States
  • China's preferential treatment in the US capital markers

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