With Nick Adams and Amb. Pete Hoekstra

NICK ADAMS, Former Presidential Appointee, Trump Administration, Four-Time Best-Selling Author, "Trump and Reagan: Defenders of America," Founder and Director, Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), @NickAdamsinUSA 

  • Nick Adams: Critical race theory is the defamation of the United States of America
  • Adams: Republicans always cave, which is why we are in the situation we are today - For the last 60 years, the Left has wanted to destroy America more than we wanted to protect it
  • The comparisons between Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

AMB. PETE HOEKSTRA, former Congressman (1993-2011), Michigan's 2nd Congressional District, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (2017-2021), Fellow, Center for Security Policy, @Petehoekstra

  • Pete Hoekstra: Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to exclude Rep. Banks and Jordan from the 1/6 Committee had everything to do about their politics and nothing to do about their integrity
  • Hoekstra: There are a lot more qualified people than Rep. Eric Swalwell who should be sitting on the Intelligence Committee
  • Hoekstra: My assessment at that point was, they [the Chinese Communist Party] weaponized COVID-19 to further their political and economic ambitions
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