With Rep. Jody Hice and Speaker Newt Gingrich

REP. JODY HICE, Representative, Georgia's 10th Congressional District, former Pastor and Host, Jody Hice Show, Member, House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and the Natural Resources Committee, Candidate, Georgia Secretary of State, @CongressmanHice

Part 1:

  • Rep. Jody Hice talks about the role Stacey Abrams played in the 2020 election
  • Georgia’s Secretary of State's response to fraud in the 2020 election
  • Rep. Hice: Around 100,000 ballot requests were sent out to illegal aliens in the run up to the 2020 election

Part 2:

  • Rep. Hice: Georgia has more early voting days than many Democrat-run states
  • Rep. Hice argues that the For the People Act would undo many of the provisions the framers put in place to safeguard free and fair elections

NEWT GINGRICH, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, chairman of Gingrich 360, Host, Newt's World Podcast, Author, "Trump and the American Future" and "Trump Vs. China," @newtgingrich

Part 1: 

  • Speaker Newt Gingrich's reactions to Joe Biden's first address to a partially joint session of Congress: Russia and China were probably watching and saying, "The U.S. can't even get their Congress together"
  • Speaker Gingrich: The U.S. dollar puts America in a unique and powerful position within the international community
  • Speaker Gingrich: The Democrats do not see a crisis unfolding at the U.S. southern border because they want open borders

Part 2: 

  • Speaker Gingrich: Biden is "caught in a vice" right now in regard to China
  • Speaker Gingrich: Do we really believe President Biden talked tough to Xi Jinping?
  • Speaker Gingrich argues that the Teachers' Unions' policies guarantee Communist China's victory - Why? 
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