With Rep. Paul Gosar, Ben Weingarten and Natalie Winters

REP. PAUL GOSAR, Representative, Arizona's 4th Congressional District, Member, House Committees on Natural Resources, and Oversight and Reform, Republican Leader, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, @RepGosar

  • Rep. Paul Gosar: There are a lot of questions concerning January 6 and the current state and well-being of those incarcerated in D.C. prisons awaiting trial
  • Were there “security lapses” at the Capitol on January 6?
  • Rep. Gosar: Release 14,000 hours of tapes from Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol
  • Is Eric Swalwell a “compromised asset” and is justice being applied evenly to all members of Congress?

BEN WEINGARTEN, Founder and CEO, ChangeUp Media LLC, Senior Contributor, The Federalist, Senior Fellow, the London Center for Policy Research, Author, "American Ingrate" @bhweingarten

  • Ben Weingarten explains how and why Donald Trump was the greatest threat to the ruling class
  • Weingarten: Does General Milley think that understanding “white rage” is part of his job description?

NATALIE WINTERS, Investigative Reporter, The National Pulse, Contributor, The National Pulse Podcast, @nataliegwinters

  • Natalie Winters talks about those behind Communist China’s riseand how many of these individuals made a profit
  • Winters delves into the ever-evolving narrative behind the U.S. government’s alleged funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the reported gain of function research within
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