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Robert Zubrin

June 3rd, 2015

Dr. ROBERT ZUBRIN, President of Pioneer Energy and Founder of the Mars Society:

  • The United States’ current energy security posture
  • OPEC and Russia’s role in anti-fracking propaganda
  • The environmental effects of fracking


  • Effects of the fracking industry on the world’s energy security
  • Iran’s attempt to gain leverage in the oil industry
  • China’s provocations in the South China Sea
  • Vulnerabilities of Saudi Arabia’s oil supply


  • Fixing the failures of the shale boom
  • How captured flare gas is being used for new, productive purposes
  • Different fuel sources’ roles in supporting American energy independence


  • Just how far is the U.S. falling behind China in space development?
  • The importance of space access
  • Domestic alternatives to space exploration technologies