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With Roger Kimball, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Bill Marshall and Tom Popik

June 6th, 2018

ROGER KIMBALL, Editor and Publisher of the New Criterion, President and Publisher of Encounter Books:

  • 50th anniversary of the cultural revolution
  • The Reagan legacy in US society
  • Significance of the ‘peace through strength’ mantra

DR. DANIEL PIPES, Founder and President of the Middle East Forum, Affiliate Professor at the University of Haifa:

  • Implications of huge migrant influx to western countries
  • The rise of the red-green axis
  • Why Turkey should no longer be considered a US ally

BILL MARSHALL, Senior Investigator for Judicial Watch:

  • Corruption in the Clinton State Department
  • Implications of Huma Abedin’s email scandals
  • Background investigations on gov. employees under the Obama administration

TOM POPIK, Chairman, President, Director and Co-founder of the Foundation for Resilient Societies:

  • The Dept. of Energy’s efforts to secure our electric grid
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • How US adversaries could exploit grid vulnerabilities