With Rosemary Gibson

ROSEMARY GIBSON, Author of China Rx: Exposing the Risk of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine and Senior Advisor for the Hastings Center:

  • The degree to which American citizens depend on medication


  • Loss of production capabilities in the U.S. for penicillin, aspirin and Vitamin C
  • How the investment of billions of dollars in research and development in China assures future supply chain dominance
  • American companies’ willing wholesale transfer of intellectual property to Beijing
  • What is mechanism for FDA to assess and approve drugs manufactured outside the country?


  • How the “practice of deception” led to blood pressure medication infected with carcinogens
  • U.S. Military reliance on China for medical supplies
  • How China is trying to legitimize cartels through the U.S. court system
  • Disturbing pattern evident in several industries of state-sponsored and supported criminal cartels disrupting, dominating and displacing the most important American industrial sectors


  • What the average American can do to protect themselves
  • Steps the government can take to avoid drug shortages, protect the U.S. military and civilians, and diversify the drug supplier base
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