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With Stephen Young

December 11th, 2019

STEPHEN YOUNG, Global Executive Director of Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism, Author of Moral Capitalism and The Road to Moral Capitalism and The Theory and Practice of Associative Power: CORDS in the Villages of Vietnam 1967 – 1972, Served as Assistant Dean at the Harvard law School:

  • Lessons to be learned from U.S. failures in Vietnam
  • What was the Civil Operations and Rural Development Support program in Vietnam?


  • Why the lack of a CORDS program has contributed to Afghanistan debacle
  • Implications of turning Afghanistan over to the Taliban
  • How Vietnam serves as a counter-insurgency model for future conflict


  • Should Trump engage in Taliban talks?
  • Why the U.S. must beware of Xi Jinping’s global ambitions
  • Prospects of a productive U.S.-Taliban peace deal


  • Can successful Vietnam policies be applied to the current situation in Afghanistan?