With Trevor Loudon

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TREVOR LOUDON, Creator/Author, "The Enemies Within" (Documentary and Film), Twitter: @TrevorLoudon1

Part I: 

  • The Chinese Communist Party has more resources and influence now than the Communist Party within the Soviet Union ever had in its history
  • Trevor Loudon: Too many people believe that if a socialist country adopts a few capitalist policies, like China, they have abandoned communism

Part II:

  • John Ratcliffe, former Director of National Intelligence, announced recently that China had infiltrated America's body politic
  • Both current and former US politicians, such as Garry Locke, find themselves at the heads of organizations with sympathetic views towards, and sometimes ties to, the Chinese Communist Party 
  • Loudon: For most of her life, Vice President Kamala Harris has been surrounded by radical Marxists

Part III: 

  • Left-leaning organizations, such as the Chinese Progressive Association and Liberation Road have lengthy relationships with the Chinese Communist Party
  • High ranking members within the Black Lives Matter movement also have ties to these organizations: Asians for Black Lives is a product of the Chinese Progressive Association
  • Loudon: Kamala Harris deliberately promoted prominent Maoists, such as Lateefah Simon, throughout the Bay Area 

Part IV: 

  • Canadian intel observed in 2010 that the Chinese Communist Party was using its resources to influence some of Canada's richest provinces
  • Loudon: Seed the Vote, which is closely associated with Liberation Road, set up voter registration drives in key swing states during the 2020 election using GIS maps from a professor at Wuhan University in China 
  • False narrative constantly perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party: America is the most racist country
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