With Vice President Francisco Tudela

FRANCISCO TUDELA, former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Peru, Survivor, 1996-97 Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis

  • Francisco Tudela talks about the horrors he witnessed during his time in captivity throughout the 1996-97 Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis in Peru
  • What happened in the run up to the 2021 Peruvian presidential elections?
  • Tudela talks about the social, political and economic climate surrounding Pedro Castillo’s rise to prominence
  • Tudela: People were shamed into either voting for Castillo and abstaining instead of supporting Keiko Fujimori
  • In a country of 40 million inhabitants, Pedro Castillo narrowly won the presidential election by 44,000 votes
  • Tudela talks about how the Russians established a connection between the Communists in Cuba and the Marxists in Peru
  • Tudela delves into China’s 800 hectare Chancay port complex project - which when completed may have the capability to host a naval strike group
  • Tudela: If you have “island hopping,” what’s stopping bad actors, like China, from introducing "port hopping"?
  • The “Free Peru” political party is linked to the military arm of the shining path terrorists group, which, according to the White House, produces 8-10 tons of refined cocaine per year
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