With Victoria Coates and Sam Faddis

VICTORIA COATES, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, President, USAGM's Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc., former Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs, National Security Council, Author, "David’s Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art," @VictoriaCoates

  • Victoria Coates talks about Sen. Ted Cruz's recent trip to the Middle East
  • Coates: The U.S. cannot afford to, "let the genie out of the bottle"
  • The U.S. has, time and again, refused to replenish Israel's defensive arsenal, giving terror groups, like Hamas, time to regroup - Why?
  • Coates discusses the key findings from a recent TIPP survey on U.S.-Israeli relations

SAM FADDIS, former Clandestine Operations Officer, CIA, former Congressional Candidate, Editor, ANDMagazine.com, Author, “Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA,” @RealSamFaddis

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