Yossie Hollander

YOSSIE HOLLANDER, co-founder of the Fuel Freedom Foundation:

  • PUMP, a newly released documentary highlighting the importance of fuel choice
  • Reasons why the U.S. should invest in cheaper and cleaner fuels, such as methanol and electricity
  • Clean energy’s role in defunding the global jihad


  • The impact of supply & demand on the oil market
  • The use and production of methanol as an alternative to oil
  • How to “jail break” a car to run on cleaner and cheaper fuel
  • Lessons from Brazil's success in making flex fuel vehicles easily accessible to consumers
  • Regulatory obstacles inhibiting Americans from converting their own cars into flex fuel vehicles
  • EPA consideration of how to make alternative fuel sources more common in the American market
  • Economic, ecological, and security gains that OPEC-dependent nations can gain from investing in alternate fuels
  • Developing localized production of energy through alternative energy sources
  • Disparate interests in energy sources and investment from the business and political elite
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