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With Dr. Jason Hill

January 3rd, 2018

DR. JASON HILL, Professor, Department of Philosophy at DePaul University, Author of We Have Overcome: An Immigrants Letter to the American People (Due out July 10, 2018, Available to Pre-Order on Amazon):

  • Life as an immigrant in America
  • The differences of the guarantee of opportunity vs. outcome
  • Consequences of the radical left takeover of U.S. education system 


  • The project to destroy America and Western society
  • How the U.S. exerts a self-correcting culture
  • Why the government should defund Universities who preach anti-Americanism


  • Suppression of free speech on college campuses
  • The rise of the ‘red-green axis’


  • The threat of civilization Jihad in America
  • How the Sharia doctrine institutionalizes abuse of women