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US Senator from Arkansas JOHN BOOZMAN explains the relevance and importance of helping military service members transition into civilian life with a bipartisan bill in the Senate, as well as the way investment in trade relationships with African nations can promote security and human rights.

ADAM KREDO of the Washington Free Beacon discusses the threat of Westerners becoming radicalized by the Syrian conflict.

Former Amb. JOHN BOLTON offers his predictions on what Obama will say about Guantanamo Bay during this afternoon’s speech at the National Defense University.

FRED FLEITZ of, talks with Frank about Guantanamo Bay and whether or not moving the prisoners incarcerated at the facility and closing it down is the best solution.

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Ambassador JOHN BOLTON pays tribute to the great Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, whose legacy has never been more relevant to today’s U.S. foreign policy.

MICHAEL S. SMITH II, co-founder of Kronos Advisory LLP, explains why trying terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden’s son-in-law in American criminal court hurts counter-terrorism efforts.

Colonel DICK BRAUER joins explains the mission of his group Special Operations Speaks, which recently sent a letter to Congress from 700 former special ops veterans calling for a real inquiry into Benghazigate.

GORDON CHANG breaks down the essentials of the state of play with North Korea and the meaning of diplomatic actions.

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, of the Hoover Institute, postulates why Obama is changing over 65 years of American foreign policy to remove the US from its preeminent place in international relations, and explains the reasoning behind Obama's progressive move to cut defense spending to fund entitlement programs.

AMB. JOHN BOLTON, former US ambassador to the UN, analyzes the fallout from Chuck Hagel's Senate hearing, and explains that nuclear deterrence won't work against an enemy who believes that such destruction would lead to paradisaical glory.

MICHAEL RUBIN, from the American Enterprise Institute, explains how Egypt is on the brink of becoming a failed state, how Turkey is not an American ally, and how Al Qaeda has planted its roots in the Syrian rebellion leading to disastrous consequences for Israel no matter the outcome of the current conflict.

GORDON CHANG, from, interprets the war-talk coming from Chinese officials, combined with recent increased isolation in Tibet, and aggression over disputed islands as a warning to America of China's desire for a war in the near future.

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With Ambassador John Bolton, Diana West, Caroline Glick, and Gordon Chang

In this special Election Day eve edition of Secure Freedom Radio, Frank speaks with each guest about the last four years under the Obama Administration and what the future might hold if Obama is re-elected  compared to a Romney Administration.

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With Bill Gertz, Ambassador John Bolton, and Gordon Chang

Journalist BILL GERTZ spends two segments with Frank to discuss intelligence reports pertaining to Iranian support for jihadists in North Africa being ignored by the Obama Adminstration leading up to the events in Egypt and Benghazi.

AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON gives his take on the recent Venezuelan elections and what imapct that will have for the region and American security.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG explains Obama's recent crackdown on Chinese tech firms investing in US companies. Some of these firms are fighting back by suing the Obama administration so they can have access to US technology. A congressional report highlights the danger to national security if these firms have access to US tech.

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With Ambassador John Bolton, Matt Parker, Matt Continetti, and Gordon Chang

AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON explains how the Obama Administration is failing to either understand the true nature of the attacks against US embassies, or admit they were wrong in claiming al-Qaeda was no longer a threat. The leftists could potentially use these attacks to hinder Americans freedom of expression, claiming it is to enhance our security.

Protection expert and CEO of Independent Security Advisors MATT PARKER gives an inside look at the breakdowns in security that could have added to the destruction in Cairo and Benghazi. He explains that security comes from working with the host nation and those nations that are anti-US could make securing American embassies difficult in the even of future attacks.

MATT CONTINETTI of the Washington Free Beacon gives his take on the Obama Administration’s opinion that these attacks on US embassies are the result of a silly film. He argues that these attacks were coordinated and not the result of some film; Obama has been failing to properly respond to these attacks and protect his embassies.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at the recent developments between China and Japan. He explains that Chinese media are pushing for nuclear weapons to be used against Japanese islands that China feels belongs to them. The media is pushing for these WMD's to be used before America gets involved in the situation.

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JOSE RODRIGUEZ, former CIA chief, gives his analysis on the Chinese trying to buy US secrets.

Former AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON talks about the presidential race and the its impact on American national security.

FRED FLEITZ of LIGNET explains the Syrian situation and the role Islamists are playing in the revolution.

Latin American expert JON PERDUE discusses Iran's influence in Latin America and what that means for American interests and security.

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JOHN BOLTON, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses a variety of the security threats that are currently facing the United States. He examines the nuclear and biological weapon capabilities of Syria and the importance of upholding strict security clearance background checks for government personnel with access to sensitive information.

Is the Assad regime in Syria about to fall?

CHRISTIAN WHITON of DC International Advisory, LLC takes a look at presidential candidate Romney. Whiton asserts that despite what most mainstream media portrays, foreign leaders are concerned over Obama, and Romney has the better stance on national security issues.

Allies hoping for Obama loss

In a special two-part segment, ANDY McCARTHY from National Review Online gives us his take on the Houma Abebin security clearance debate. McCarthy also examines the threat of the “sophisticated ground-up operation,” the Muslim Brotherhood.

Questions about Huma Abedin

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· Ambassador JOHN BOLTON explains how the Law of the Sea Treaty can and will ruin American sovereignty.

The Choice is Clear: Romney Will Keep Us Safer

· Dr. ZUHDI JASSER talks about how Americans need to wake up to the threats posed by Shariah and start taking action to ensure their own security and freedoms.

Pfc Nasser Abdo is an Unmitigated Traitor to the United States

· Former CIA Operative JOSE RODRIGUEZ talks about his new book “Hard Measures” which explains the interrogative techniques that were used to help protect Americans but are now being outlawed.

In 'Hard Measures,' Former CIA Official Jose Rodriguez Defends Waterboarding

· ANDY McCARTHY discusses how Americans are jeopardizing their own safety when enacting laws that hamstring law enforcement and intelligence officers.

Senate Panel Cuts Pakistan Aid After Country Sentenced Doctor who Helped CIA

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Fred Grandy recaps the most important topics of the week. Grandy claims that the Sharia epicenter has become Egypt and is shocked by the breaches in security that was extended to the Muslim Brotherhood for their recent trip to the White House. Hillary Clinton seems to be engaging the Muslim Brother and disengaging Congress when she decided to give $147 million that was blocked by Congress. Who controls US foreign policy, the Muslim Brotherhood or our elected leaders?

Ambassador Henry F. (Hank) Cooper, chairman of the Board of High Frontier explains the threat presented to the United States as a result of the North Korean missile launch. What is the future of relations between the US and North Korea?

The founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), M. Zuhdi Jasser was recently appointed by Sen. Mitch McConnell to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Since then he has been suffering significant attacks against his integrity and ethics by radical Muslim groups related to the Muslim Brotherhood for not defending the Muslim culture and religion. These organizations ask,  “ how could a man (Jasser) who supports the curbing of Muslim civil and religious liberties at home be trusted as a 'commissioner' to review and analyze violations of religious freedoms abroad?" Dr. Jasser denounced the attacks as a defamation campaign, not only as a Muslim but as a professional as well.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton and Senior Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute describes the progress on the North Korean missile program, and the deficient diplomatic policy of the Obama’s Administration to provide food in return for North Korea ending their missile program.

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