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Rosemary Jenks, Christian Whiton, Barry Rubin, Diana West

January 30th, 2013 ·

ROSEMARY JENKS, the director of government relations of Numbers USA, explains the new "Amnesty 2.0"  immigration bill, showing that, "this isn't actually a plan; it's s wish-list for interest groups", and condemning Republican folly that this bill will help them gain the Hispanic vote.

BARRY RUBIN, director of the GLORIA Center, speculates whether or not the Egyptian military will support the supposedly "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. Rubin also discusses how the Israeli election results reveal that Israel did not elect an Obama-style government.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, the principal at DC International Advisory LLC, critiques the legacy that Hillary Clinton's supporters are trying to build for her. The successes they point to, Whiton claims, at best made no change to the status quo, and at worst were in fact utter failures.

DIANA WEST, author of The Death of the Grown-Up, reviews Hillary Clinton's Senate hearing, and wonders how the administration can ignore the clear black flag of jihad and try to convince America that Al Qaeda's threat is shrinking.

BARRY RUBIN, director of the GLORIA Center, speculates on if the Egyptian military will support the supposedly "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, and howthe Israeli election results reveals that Israel did not elect an Obama style government.

ROSEMARY JENKS, the director of government relations at, explains the "Amnesty 2.0" new immigration bill showing that, "this isn't actually a plan; it's s wish-list for interest groups", and condemning Republican folly that this bill will help them gain the Hispanic vote.

DIANA WEST, from, reviews Hillary Clinton's Senate hearing, and wonders how the administration can misinterpret the clear black flag of jihad; while trying to convince America that Al Qaeda's threat is shrinking.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, the principal at DC International Advisory LLC,

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Barry Rubin, Joseph Wood, Robert Zarate, and Gordon Chang

January 21st, 2013 ·

BARRY RUBIN, Director of the GLORIA Center, points out the reality of the upcoming Israeli election that the mass media is failing to grasp--namely, Israelis are voting much as they always have, but this time around the far right is better aligned.

Ret. Col. JOSEPH WOOD, former advisor to Vice President Cheney, discusses the responsibility that France still feels towards its ex-colonies in Africa, including Mali. Wood also talks about the French government's attempt to limit religious extremism within its own borders, which recently led to the creation of an observatory of secularism.

On the day of President Obama's second inauguration, the Foreign Policy Initiative's ROBERT ZARATE reflects on what steps Obama took during his first term to press forward with his goal of "Global Zero," and offers up predictions of what Obama may do in the next four years. writer GORDON CHANG, recently returned from a trip to India, describes the fear he encountered repeatedly that the U.S. is increasingly taking Pakistan's side over India's. Secretary of State nominee John Kerry's past statements regarding Pakistan have only served to further unsettle Indians regarding the direction the U.S. is heading.

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Barry Rubin, Morgan Roach, Jim Hanson, and Diana West

January 16th, 2013 ·

BARRY RUBIN, Director of the GLORIA Center, warns about the Islamist government slowly and patiently taking hold in Egypt and the soon-to-be security vacuum in Syria that will assuredly be filled by the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

MORGAN ROACH, research associate in The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, discusses how the French have made the UN resolution to interfere in Mali mute by unilaterally interfering themselves, but what role will America play in this policing move?

Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON speculates about France's objectives in interfering in Mali and expounds upon the failure of Obama's false-surge and the quick and hasty exit that the United States is making from Afghanistan.

DIANA WEST, author of The Death of the Grown-up, warns about the subtle but influential presence in American media of foreign governments and their agendas, and discusses Muslim brotherhood connections in the staff of the Secretary of State.

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Barry Rubin, Avi Jorisch, Gordon Chang, Andy McCarthy

November 13th, 2012 ·

Barry Rubin, Avi Jorisch, Gordon Chang, and Andy McCarthy

Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center sifts through the lies and cover-ups behind the Benghazi attack to try and explain what really happened and how the Obama Administration froze when it meant the most. He also looks at Israeli security in light of a recent Syrian mortar attack and an impending Yemen civil war.

Avi Jorisch of the Red Cell Intelligence Group analyzes America’s “frienemy”, the United Arab Emirates. The UAE financially supports Iran and other rogue entities, while claiming to be an ally of the United States. Avi analyzes the implications of not responding to the UAE’s financial indiscretions.

Asian analyst Gordon Chang looks at the upcoming transition inside the Chinese Politburo and how the Conservatives on trying to hold on to a Soviet model, while the people call for political and economic reform. Gordon explores the impending collapse of the Chinese government if drastic changes don’t occur and soon.

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy explains how the liberal media either downplays or ignores important national security issues such as the Benghazi attack and the intelligence leaks that came our of the Petraeus scandal.

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Fred Grandy, Steve Groves, Jonathan Tobin, Dr. Barry Rubin

June 15th, 2012 ·

With Fred Grandy, Steve Groves, Jonathan Tobin, and Dr. Barry Rubin

·         FRED GRANDY from the Center for Security Policy explains how the Muslim Brotherhood is increasing their hold over the Egyptian government, with the help of US taxpayer dollars.

Copters in Syria May Not Be New, U.S. Officials Say

·         STEVE GROVES from the Heritage Foundation enlightens us to the fundamental problems with signing onto the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

National security expert: Law of the Sea treaty a ‘question of sovereignty’ [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

·         Journalist JONATHAN TOBIN talks about the Obama leaks and how the evidence is mounting that it came from someone high-up in the administration.

Will the Scooter Libby Rules Apply to the Obama Administration?            

·         Dr. BARRY RUBIN of the GLORIA Center educates us on recent developments within the Egyptian government that could have profound repercussions for the state, and for America.

Egypt’s Highest Court Says Parliament Must Dissolve     

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Robert McFarlane, Barry Rubin, Faith McDonnell, Gordon Chang

April 9th, 2012 ·

What steps can the United States take to ensure their energy security? According to Robert McFarlane, America needs to create competition against OPEC to ensure fair oil prices. OPEC keeps raising the price of oil until America tries to do something, then they drop the price and people become complacent. America has vast amounts of resources that can produce fuel alternatives such as Methanol. When will America break free from the OPEC cartel?

Obama’s policies are flawed and they are destined to fail before they can even be implemented. Obama told Iran to halt their nuclear production or else; he told Syria to stop the violence or else yet he never follows through on the or else part. Obama never anticipates other countries saying “No” to him and actually forcing him to take action. Dr. Barry Rubin elaborates on the idea that Obama would rather be friends with America’s enemies then stand-up against them. Why don’t the media highlight these failures that put American security at risk?

Why is the Obama Administration siding with Islamists that are persecuting and massacring innocent people? Faith McDonnell explains that North Sudan is trying to squash any and all freedom within their own country while undermining and massacring the people of the newly democratic state of South Sudan. North Sudan is trying to bring Sharia law to Sudan and then throughout Africa, yet Obama has done nothing to protect the free and democratic South Sudanese people. North Sudan is also trying to steal oil from the south as well as preventing the south from receiving any profits for their oil production. North Sudan claims to have no money and wants their debts to be forgiven, yet they pay $20,000/month to Iranian weapons manufacturers to build them weapons so they can keep killing innocent people.

North Korea is preparing a missile test followed by a possible nuclear test and the impact on international security is not lost on Gordon Chang. He claims that America can stop these tests, despite Obama acting like there is nothing he can do. Bush put sanctions on North Korea which almost crippled their economy, if America sanctions North Korea again along with the Chinese banks that loan them money then North Korea will stand-down. North Korea is one year closer to developing an ICBM that can reach homeland America and Iran is paying close attention. They will buy North Korean missiles if these tests are successful and their scientists are in country overseeing production. Is Iran testing their technology through North Korea? How does the rest of the region feel about North Korea attempting to test a missile?

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Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert Monroe, Rep. Joe Walsh, Andy Nagorsky, Barry Rubin

March 22nd, 2012 ·

US Navy Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert Monroe, an expert on nuclear matters, points out the grave dangers of reducing our nuclear forces by about as much as 80%. Monroe points out that while the United States’ current administration is determined to reduce its nuclear forces, North Korea is planning a launch of a ICBM which will soon have the capability to reach the U.S. Iran is aspiring to obtain nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and India and Pakistan are using their nuclear forces to confront each other. Is it advisable for the United States to decrease its nuclear capacity? Will the United States have sufficient forces to deter countries such as Iran and North Korea? Monroe lists what the United States should be doing to remedy this situation.

The Center for Security Policy held a conference in Chicago entitled “Faith Under Fire” and Illinois representative Joe Walsh was one of the many guests in attendance who affected by the stories he heard. It is frustrating that Washington cannot do more to protect religious minorities in the Middle East, but even when they do the Obama Administration issues an executive order that waves off congressional oversight. Secretary Clinton waved off the suspension of military aid to Egypt where Christian minorities are being persecuted because she claims that aid is of national importance. Isn’t religious freedom of national importance too? Congress must have the muscle to go after the administration for allowing aid to continue. Obama is forcing Congress to increase the pressure on presidential powers. Not only is Secretary of State Clinton using her position in a manner that is detrimental to the United States, but so is Attorney General Holder. He is failing to go after terrorists who attack Americans abroad. The administration has not gone after or even prosecuted a single Palestinian terrorist who has killed an American citizen. Finally, veterans are being sent to the back of the line when applying for jobs and using their military training in the civilian world? Who gives better training than the US military?

Andy Nagorsky discusses his new book “Hitlerland” on how people who brought Hitler to power failed to see the evil to come. He applies the scenario of Germany and Hitler’s rise to power to the rising prominence of Sharia law.  Are we failing to see the same evil that is becoming more prominent around the world? Nagorsky states that we cannot underestimate the threat of a rising spread of Islamism and Sharia.

Dr. Barry Rubin, professor at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, joins us to examine the recent events in France where a self proclaimed jihadist killed nearly 7 people. Dr. Rubin moves on to explain the threat such Islamists pose to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. and what the administration can do to mitigate such threats.

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Barry Rubin, Christian Adams, Jim Hanson

March 7th, 2012 ·

On today's show Frank spends two segments with Barry Rubin. Barry  is the director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal.  He is also the author of the definitive book on the global Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. (The Muslim Brotherhood: The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement) His interpretation of Obama's AIPAC speech as a distinct change in U.S. policy makes for lively debate on the harbinger's of a strike on Iran's nuclear program.  In the second segment Barry guides us through the consequential developments in Egypt's new political system.  Has the United States propped up a new Islamist state?

In segment 3, Christian Adams, a former attorney for the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice details the history of the new third in command at DOJ, Tony West.  West was an advocate for American Taliban member John Walker Lynn.  West's law firm represented among others, the 20th hijacker of the 9/11 attacks.  The same firm used lawfare to sue a company for access to the CIA's logistical operations at GITMO.  West is now in charge of detainee policy at DOJ.  Christian then breaks news on Chinese and Cuban agents of influence acting to have the U.S. naval presence ordered out of Guam.

Former Army Special Forces weapons expert, Jim Hanson, wraps up the show with with a glowing grade on Eric Holders case for a pro-assassination policy by the administration.

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Barry Rubin, Christian Whiton, Peter Brooks, Gordon Chang

February 6th, 2012 ·

The Egyptian Parliament has started work and will being trying to put the country back together, culminating in a presidential election in either June or July of this year. Egypt needs US financial aid therefore how much influence will the Muslim Brotherhood exact on the country? Is Obama’s weakness to deal with international situations adding to the deterioration of a peace process between Israel and its neighbors? Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Authority seem to be cultivating a unified government jeopardizing and talks of peace between the PLO and Israel. Listen to Barry Rubin’s analysis of this growing conflict.

Obama has been allowing China to act with increasing recklessness while still getting aid from America therefore how can Obama and Secretary of State Clinton be surprised when China vetoes the UN resolution against Syria? Will the Obama Administration allow the Muslim Brotherhood to come to power in Syria like they did in Egypt? Christian Whiton explains how the administration is trying to take away American's choice to choose over their future.

Is the president trying to ignore global events in order to mask the fact he does not want America to be involved therefore taking away Americans chance to be informed and cultivate their own opinion as to whether or not America needs to be involved in global events? The United States has global responsibilities and must keep an eye on the entire world therefore when the administration says America will pivot towards Asia, what are we pivoting away from? Author of “A Devils Triangle,” Peter Brooks, highlights the fact that the president claims Iran does not have the capability to attack the US yet his intelligence directors claim Iran is looking to and can attack homeland America. Is he misleading Americans or just clueless?

As a result of Obama’s refusal to allow the Keystone pipeline, Canada is trying to reach an agreement with China to export oil. America should b buying oil from secure allies and not the Middle East and especially should not be allowing our allies to sell oil to China and boost their floundering economy. Currently China is one of Iran’s biggest buyers of oil therefore it is no surprise that they support this rogue regime.  Gordon Chang helps to explain how China sees America as weak therefore ignoring US wishes and grow closer to Russia in order to oppose American policies. If China sees America as weak, what will stop them from trying to grab more power and influence on the global stage?

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Gordon Chang, Barry Rubin, Mackenzie Eaglen, Andy McCarthy

November 29th, 2011 ·

Gordon Chang explains China’s “Zero Sum Game” with the United States. The Chinese view towards relations with the U.S. is that one side must win and one side must lose. America sees relationships as win/win for both parties, whereas the Chinese feel that only one party can win and dominate the international system. What can America do to “win” this game? China has becoming more aggressive in their rhetoric towards America. Chinese Flag Officers have claimed that China will engage America in war within the next 5-10 years. How can the American government ignore claims such as that? There are now signs that the Chinese economy is declining and becoming smaller. What does this mean for the Communist Party? Economic tribulations for China will result in them becoming more belligerent towards their neighbors in order to keep the peace within the populace. What will happen if China starts to breakdown? With the EU collapsing, what does that mean for the US and China? The U.S. is in the best position to weather the storm because America has the largest domestic economy, but China will suffer greatly.

Dr. Barry Rubin gives a history lesson on the Muslim Brotherhood. He explains where they came from and how they collaborated with the Nazis during World War 2.  It is reprehensible for the Obama Administration to work with the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiaries. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is leading U.S. policy in the Middle East; this is equivalent to the U.S. using Fidel Castro as their advisor to Latin America. How can this policy possibly have a positive outcome? The Obama Administration has claimed that they support the new governments of the Arab Spring and this is part of his Muslim outreach program. If Obama works with the Muslim Brotherhood, what would that mean for American security? The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be moderate, which they are not, and if they gain power then they will follow the Turkish model and slowly take over every aspect of society, not with force, but through controlling the government and legal institutions. This takeover will be slow and take time so as not to arouse suspicion from the international community. What does this mean for Israel, the Middle East and the United States of America?

Mackenzie Eaglen joins Frank to give the truth behind the defense budget cuts. In 2011 the White House Budget Office reported the Defense Budget at $730 billion and President Obama requested that in the next fiscal year it be cut to $703 billion; this was before the debt ceiling deal. The year after that the Defense Budget will be cut by another $26 billion and in 2013 President Obama has requested the Defense Budget be capped at $652 billion. It would be 2016 before the Defense Budget would be able to grow back to 2011 numbers. Since Obama has been president, $700 billion have been cut from defense. Unlike Entitlements, Defense does not have a clear base line for which to cut money. So why is everyone looking to cut Defense when it is much easier to cut Entitlements? What impact will these cuts have on our national security? America’s Navy is the smallest it has been since World War 1 and these cuts will make it the smallest since the 19th century; what ability will they have to protect the world’s waters? With these cuts the Air Force will be the smallest it has ever been in history and already it is small and aging.

Weekly guest Andy McCarthy gives his analysis on the future Defense cuts and what that means to American security. Andy explains the need to make cuts to defense, especially with a mounting debt, but the government needs to keep in mind their priority and responsibility to protect the homeland.  Why aren’t there cuts to Entitlements? Protecting the nation is a responsibility enshrined in the Constitution, not Entitlements yet they are not on the cutting table. It is necessary that America has a clear goal and direction for its defense and then come up with an intelligent budget to allow the DOD to achieve those objectives.  


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