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MICHAEL RUBIN, author of "Dancing with the Devil":
  • Continued negotiations with Iran about its nuclear program, and the financial freedom Iran is gaining from the weakening of sanctions
  • Reasons behind the crumbling Israeli and Palestinian peace talks 
  • The formation of a new unity government between Fatah, Hamas and PLO
  • New information suggesting Turkey is not a free state after all 

ROGER NORIEGA, former Ambassador to the Organization of American States:

  • Cuban influence in Venezuela's Maduro regime
  • Russian influence throughout Latin America
  • The Panamanian and Brazilian presidential elections
  • Details on the Chevron vs. Equador fight

CHRISTIAN WHITON, Principle at D.C. International Advisory and author of Smart Power:

  • State of play in Ukraine: Russian special forces/ provocateurs and NATO assessment
  • German/ Russian and German/ US relations
  • Defense posture and spending of European nations
  • Benghazi Select Committee
  • US role in South Sudan


  • North Korean ICBM capabilities
  • Beating the projected 2017 deployment date for deploying anti-missile destroyers to the Pacific
  • China's response to the enhanced cooperation agreement between the United States and the Philippines

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CAROLINE GLICK, author of the just-released book "The Israeli Solution," addresses the Obama Administration's policy towards Israel, analyzing the two countries' relationship in light of harsh comments recently made by President Obama to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, author of "Smart Power," gives his insight into what is prompting Vladimir Putin of Russia to likely take military action in Ukraine.

Dr. ZUHDI JASSER, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, details his fight to stop pro-Islamist groups from portraying themselves as the face of American Muslims. 

ANDY MCCARTHY, of the National Review Online, delves deeper into how the US government could promote real democracy in the Middle East if it would look outside its friendships with the leaders of extreme radical groups, and if it would stop empowering these radical groups via foreign policy.

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Ret. Lt. Gen. JERRY BOYKIN, former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, articulates the shortcomings of a recent Senate report on the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. Boykin also describes how the growing acceptance of "replacement theory" among Evangelical Christians is being used by anti-Zionists.

ORDE KITTRIE, of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, digs deeper into the meaning of the Iranian Foreign Minister's visit to the grave of Imad Mugniyah, a Hezbollah operative who was responsible for several terrorist attacks around the globe.

DIANA WEST, syndicated columnists and author, discusses the tensions between conservative extremist Islamists and "mainstream" American culture.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, former State Department official and author of "Smart Power," provides his analysis of the influence of Putin's Russia amongst its former satellite states. He also discusses Obama's recent vow to extend privacy rights to foreigners.

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MICHAEL RUBIN, of AEI, takes a deeper look at President Obama's relationship with Iran and what Iran is up to now.

HAROLD RHODE, of the Gatestone Institute, argues that the United States' posture on terrorism is appearing weak in the Middle East and leaving it vulnerable to exploitation.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, author of the newly released book "Smart Power," explains the unraveling of American power in regions such as Europe, and the damaging effects the National Security Agency (NSA) is having towards American power.

DIANA WEST,  a syndicated columnist and author, talks about the galloping socialism she sees occurring in Washington.

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CHRISTIAN WHITON, principle at DC International Advisory, provides an analysis on the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East and the US policy thus far towards this organization.

RON PACKARD, CEO of K12, examines the impact sequestration is having on the military education system as well as explains how his company is helping to change the face of education.

BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon, looks at the current events unfolding in Egypt and how this will impact the future of democracy in the country and the future of US-Egyptian relations.

FRED FLEITZ, of, gives an overview of several different important national security topics; including the escalating violence in Egypt and US nuclear disarmament. 

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ROWAN SCARBOROUGH, of the Washington Times, investigates the idea of socially engineering the military by implanting women in combat, among other things, and looks at how lowering the standards of the military to allow more women into combat poses a large danger to the quality of the military.

KORI SCHAKE, of the Hoover Institution, puts into prospective the relationship between the US and Russia, including how Russian policy is anti-American and how Russia is longing to be a Cold War superpower once again.

MICHAEL RUBIN, of AEI, focuses in on the chaos happening in every corner of the Middle East and looks at how the radical Islamists in the region are growing more aggressive towards the US.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of the DC international Advisory, analyzes the collapse of Obama's progressive doctrine to the world as well as looks into how the president has started to be perceived as weak on the world stage.

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ERICK STAKELBECK, author of the new book "The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy," spends a special two part segment with Frank to delve deeper into radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the invasion of radical Islam into the United States perpetrated not only by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, but also by individuals with undue influence in the government.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, Principle at DC Advisory LLC , examines the current situation within Egypt, Huma Abedin's past career within the State Department, and the upcoming peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

DIANA WEST, author of American Betrayal, analyzes Huma Abedin's background, her career within the State Department, and her connection to terrorist networks.

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Lt. General JERRY BOYKIN, of the Family Research Council, chronicles the battle Christians in the military are facing with current lawsuits that he believes are aimed at suppressing soldiers and their families' religious freedoms within the context of the military.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of DC International Advisory, explores Snowden's background, Samantha Power, and surmises what the possible outcomes of Obama's trip to Africa will be.

MARK SCHNEIDER, of the National Institute for Public Policy, analyzes President Obama’s plan to de-nuclearize and its relations with Russian’s new weapon developments.

FRED FLEITZ, of, covers some of the most pressing issues to security at this time including: the danger of EMP attacks, Snowden and his limited options of asylum, and the dangers of Samantha Power and her anti-American attitude.

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