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Ret. Admiral BOB MONROE, shares his expertise on the U.S. nuclear program and how its ongoing deterioration is jeopardizing the future of the United States.

DANIEL GOURE, of the Lexington Institute, assesses the United State’s nuclear program and brings to light the implications of the administration’s domestic and international nuclear policies.

BILL GERTZ, reporter for the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Times, covers two Congressional hearings from this past week. One, a briefing by intelligence leaders that pronounced that cyber attacks are a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism, and the other a briefing that focused on the space threat China poses to the US.

ROGER NORIEGA, a former US ambassador to the Organization of American States, puts forward his argument that narco-terrorist states have replaced communism as the primary threat to democracy in 21st century Latin America.

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CONGRESSMAN MO BROOKS, talks missile defense and looks into the Pentagon's plan to declassify and share U.S. missile technology with Russia and the dangers this open flow of information might have.

Former assistant secretary of defense for international security policy RICHARD PERLE advises against the US entering into a treaty with Russia in which it agrees to restrict our missile defense systems.

DANIEL GOURE, of the Lexington Institute, addresses current issues that the military faces with the continual downsizing of the Armed Forces as well as addresses recent reports on Chinese military buildup.

GORDON CHANG of argues that China’s claim this past week that it, not Japan, is the rightful owner of Okinawa shows that China is imitating 1930s-Japan by going on a militaristic bent.

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Are financial sanctions putting a check on Iran’s ambitions to obtain nuclear weapons? Additionally, are these sanctions successfully putting a stop to Iran’s underhanded banking methods? Founder of the Red Cell Intelligence Group, Avi Jorisch examines the issues surrounding the way in which the Iranian regime is moving money around in the financial sector. This includes establishing a banking regime and exporting commodities such as gas. Although the United States has gone after the Iranian banking sector by blacklisting them and cubing their movement of money, they still have yet to put the pressure on charities and other such organizations that help funnel money into Iran. By exerting more pressure over these organizations, will Iran finally feel the pinch and stop moving money into the international financial sector?

How will cutting $460 billion in the defense budget over the next ten years impact the modernization of the US military? Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute touches on how US military equipment and even the morale of the all-volunteer force would be gravely damaged by these cuts. Additionally, will we be forced to go to adversaries such as China for modern military technology in the future when our military capabilities have been completely depleted?

Is today a red-letter day for China’s space program? President of the Marshall Institute, Jeff Kueter joins Frank to discuss the Chinese’s first attempt at the robotic docking of a rocket launcher. This docking is the first step by the Chinese in building a solely Chinese space station. Does this docking also mark the continued exploitation of space by the Chinese for military purposes? What will it mean for the United States if the Chinese gain operational abilities in space? There is no question that the growing Chinese space program would contribute to the Chinese ambition of expanding its national power. Will their advantages in space allow the Chinese to continue to engage in informationalization warfare?

Finally, weekly regular here at Secure Freedom Radio and our go to guy for the “boots on the ground” perspective, Jim Hanson discusses the visual and non-visual injuries sustained by our men and women in uniform. Many of these heroes are suffering from non-visual injuries such as PTDS and TBI and are misunderstood by those who find it difficult to understand their injuries. However, many therapies such as musical therapy are being offered at Walter Reed Hospital to treat these men and women of their pain.

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