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Fred Grandy, Rep. Mike Turner, James Woolsey, Bill Gertz

February 15th, 2013 ·

With Fred Grandy, Rep. Mike Turner, James Woolsey, Bill Gertz.

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy reflects on yesterday's Senate filibuster of Chuck Hagel, and gives his reasoning for why Hagel is likely to be confirmed in the end--even despite the video from Rutgers that has just come to light.

Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio discusses the ever-looming threat of sequestration, as well as the State of the Union Address, which Turner says would have included talk of a scaling-back of our nuclear force, if not for the North Korean nuclear test that had just occurred.

Former CIA Director JAMES WOOLSEY points out that one of the major problems with the Obama administration's approach to foreign policy and national security is refusing to accept the idea that religion can promote violence.

Washington Times reporter BILL GERTZ discusses President Obama's new cybersecurity executive order, and expresses his relief that the administration has finally realized that the United States is basically fighting a low level, covert war, even though the order itself is unlikely to prove much of a help.

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Dan Goure, Fred Grandy, Douglas Murray, Bill Gertz

February 8th, 2013 ·

With Dan Goure, Fred Grandy, Douglas Murray, Bill Gertz.

Vice President of the Lexington Institute DAN GOURE gives an in-depth explanation of how sequestration cuts will hurt the United States' military and create a cycle in which our inability to replenish our forces will embolden our enemies, whom we will then be unprepared to confront.

Former Congressman FRED GRANDY offers up his opinions on the spurious excuses made in yesterday's hearing on the Benghazi attack. Why, for instance, couldn't F-16s been used to disperse the crowd simply by flying overhead?

DOUGLAS MURRAY, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Center, talks with Frank about the assassination attempt against Lars Hedegaard, which he considers an "appalling attempt" to stop our freedom of expression. Yet, as Murray points out, the usual defenders of free speech are not speaking out about the incident--rather, some feel that perhaps Hedegaard simply shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

Washington Times national security editor BILL GERTZ explains his theory that CIA personnel were in Benghazi to begin with because of a proposed plan to arm Syrian rebels, which President Obama ended up rejecting. Gertz also expresses his frustration that so much of the John Brennan hearing was focused on drones, when the bigger issue is Brennan's refusal to identify Islamist extremists as the enemy.

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Fred Grandy, Max Boot, Rowan Scarborough, Michaela Bendikova

February 1st, 2013 ·

Richard Miniter  guest hosts.

Former Iowa Congressman, FRED GRANDY, covers the Hagel hearings in terms of U.S. relations to Israel, Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood.   Will the U.S. watch the Islamists repress political opposition in Egypt as they did in Iran in 2009?

MAX BOOT, author of the newly published book Invisible Armies, goes into depth on why the U.S. was initially so unprepared for fighting guerrilla forces in Afghanistan, despite its lengthy experience with similar combat in Vietnam. Boot also expresses his concern for what will become of Afghanistan if U.S. troops withdraw substantially from the country.

Washington Times reporter ROWAN SCARBOROUGH explains how the success of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi last year can in great part be blamed on the lack of planning by the U.S. government for such a situation. Because no plan of response had been established for an Islamist-backed mob in Northern Africa, the Africa Command had no quick reaction forces with which it could protect the consulate.

Heritage Foundation expert on Strategic Issues MICHAELA BENDIKOVA sets the record straight on Chuck Hagel’s obfuscations on nuclear forces and arms control. In reference to a nuclear policy recommendation report he co-authored for the Global Zero advocacy group which promotes reductions in the U.S. nuclear arsenal, Michaela clarifies,  “He was very adamant that the report doesn’t say that the United States should take these steps unilaterally.  It does."

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Fred Grandy, Adam Kredo, Reza Kahlili, and Bill Gertz

January 25th, 2013 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy, deconstructs the recent Benghazi hearing and criticizes the Senate Republicans for coming ill-prepared. Fred and Frank agree that Clinton's "what difference does it make" comment was almost certainly planned, and Republicans should have expected such an outburst.

The Washington Free Beacon's ADAM KREDO questions how anyone could believe the claims Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel is making now about his supposed beliefs. After all, Kredo points out, Hagel suddenly "apparently holds none of the positions he's held for the past twenty-plus years". Kredo and Frank also discuss Obama's continued insistence in sending arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even though the agreement was made with a government that no longer exists.

REZA KAHLILI, a former CIA agent within the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, describes to Frank an inside source's account of a recent covert operation directed against Iran--an attack on its nuclear facility in Fordow. According to Kahlili, certain Western countries and Israel are most likely behind the mission, since there have been strong rumors as of late that they were preparing for such an operation. Kahlili predicts that Iran, having gathered the same information itself, is likely to strike back at Israel through Hezbollah. The fact that Iran has mastered multiple chemical agents, including smallpox and anthrax, makes its likely attempt at retaliation all the more concerning.

BILL GERTZ, columnist at The Washington Times, takes a look at the decision made Wednesday to allow women into positions of direct combat within the military. This attempt at social engineering is problematic, he insists, because the United States military's purpose is not one of job creation or equal opportunity workplaces--it is about fighting wars, and winning. Gertz also discusses newly uncovered evidence that points to China creating a rail system for the ICBM's, with which it will be able to both transport and launch it's missiles.

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Fred Grandy, Christian Whiton, Nina Shea, and Bill Gertz

January 11th, 2013 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy talks with Frank about Michelle Bachmann's successful reappointment to the House Intelligence Committee, as well as Obama's nomination of John Brennan for director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, principal at DC International Advisory LLC, gives his prediction on what Hillary Clinton's legacy will be. Whiton also explains the dangerous aspects of the Obama administration's position on gun control.

NINA SHEA, director of the Center for Religious Freedom, discusses the attempt by the Saudis to use PR to cover up their fight against any religion other than Islam within their borders--as well as without. The number of Christians and Jews is dropping dramatically in the Middle East and North Africa, and a Saudi fatwa issued last year called for the destruction of churches in the region.

The Washington Times' BILL GERTZ talks about the military's visibly growing nervousness towards sequestration, which now seems more likely than ever to happen. Gertz also talks about China's upcoming "missile defense test," which more likely than not is in reality a test of a satellite attack shot.

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Fred Grandy, Peter Hoekstra, Faith McDonnell, and Bill Gertz

January 4th, 2013 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy discusses the bleak future of the Defense Department's budget, as well as the laughable hypocrisy of Al Gore selling his Current TV to oil-rich Qatar.

Former Congressman PETER HOEKSTRA gives his concerns for the future of the Middle East in 2013 and the threat posed by Al Jazeera having access to 40million American households thanks to Al Gore.

FAITH McDONNELL of the Institute on Religion and Democracy talks about the ongoing yet often overlooked genocide in Sudan.

The Washington Free Beacon's BILL GERTZ chats with Frank about a recent Pentagon report that estimates there are tens of thousands of Iranian spies working around the world to further their country's nuclear goals.

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Fred Grandy

December 26th, 2012 ·

FRED GRANDY, of the Center for Security Policy, reflects back on the events that have transpired in the national security world this year, as well as offers his predictions on what we can expect in the future.

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Fred Grandy, Fred Fleitz, David Brog, and Bill Gertz

December 21st, 2012 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy talks about House Speaker Boehner's failed "Plan B" idea to prevent the fiscal cliff, and the way in which many conservatives spoke out against it and its supporters--including Grover Norquist. Fred also discusses the need for a Watergate-style committee to conduct a thorough and reliable investigation into the 9/11 attack in Benghazi.'s managing editor FRED FLEITZ talks about the problems of the "accountability" review, as well as the influence that Cuba had on whom Hugo Chavez chose as a successor.

DAVID BROG, executive director of Christians United for Israel, asks the questions that need asking: Why is terrorist organization Hamas allowed to have a Twitter account? Why can the Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, a terrorist affiliate,  have a Facebook? Why is the U.S. continuing to send military aid to Egypt when no one is threatening it?

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Free Beacon points out the Obama administration's rule-breaking in encouraging companies to not abide by the WARN Act in the face of sequestration, and the legacy of retiring Senator Jon Kyl.

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Fred Grandy, Claudia Rosett, Mark Krikorian, and Bill Gertz

December 14th, 2012 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy discusses the likely nominations of John Kerry as Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, as well as the upcoming referendum on the new Egyptian constitution.

CLAUDIA ROSETT, writer at Pajamas Media and, talks about Susan Rice's shortcomings as the United States' ambassador to the UN, and in particular the failure to block the vote that upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority. Rosett also explains how the Obama administration's refusal to stop sending money to the UN after the vote goes against US policy established in the '90s regarding recognition of Palestine as a full member before it had a physical state.

Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies MARK KRIKORIAN analyzes what we are likely to see in the way of immigration reform. Namely, he predicts a push for renewable work visas, which he argues will create a servant class within the country akin to that of Saudi Arabia. Krikorian argues, however, that any such amnesty or quasi-amnesty must be preceded by actual enforcement of immigration laws, and a real effort made to screen out people who desire to do damage to the country.

Washington Times journalist BILL GERTZ talks with Frank about the possibility of Chuck Hagel becoming the new Secretary of Defense. Confirmation of Hagel would be especially bad considering his support of weakening the U.S.'s nuclear force, despite an international environment that shows such an action would be foolish.

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Fred Grandy, Ilan Berman, Rick Fisher, Bill Gertz

December 7th, 2012 ·

With Fred Grandy, Ilan Berman, Rick Fisher, and Bill Gertz

Fred Grandy gives his weekly wrap-up which focuses on Benghazigate and the subsequent Congressional investigation and America edging closer to the fiscal cliff.

Ilan Berman of the American Foreign Policy Council looks at the Iranian nuclear program and the affects sanctions are having on it and the Iranian regime.

Rick Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center analyzes the Chinese military buildup and America’s response.

Bill Gertz takes us Inside the Ring on China’s growing regional control and Obama’s blind eye towards the threat it poses.

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