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House Chief Deputy Whip Rep. PETER ROSKAM argues that the US-Israel relationship must be recognized as a mutually beneficial one, and that the Administration's actions are belying its words about that partnership.

MICHAEL ROWAN, columnist for Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal," reports on the violent protests in Venezuela, and examines how foreign actors are continuing their efforts to stoke the flames of chaos in that country.

Contributing editor at The National Review ANDREW MCCARTHY explores the difference between the intentions and capabilities of Vladimir Putin, and argues that willful blindness is the standard operating procedure in Washington to avoid politically risky situations like an aggressive Russia.

Dr. JAMES CARAFANO, vice president of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, contends that Russia is not a global partner with the United States, but rather a global competitor to the United States. He goes on to discuss how the United States must interact with the Russian Federation in light of this reality.

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The Heritage Foundation's JIM CARAFANO questions if the failure of the "Russian reset" will prompt the Obama Administration to change course on scaling down the military. He also reports on the overlooked cyberwar Russia is waging against Ukraine, and predicts whether a Russian invasion will stop at the Crimea.

DARIN SELNICK, of Concerned Veterans of America, sheds light on unsettling reports that some Veterans Affairs hospitals have been altering/destroying medical records in order to hide the struggles the VA is facing because of a hollowing out of the military.

Former Israeli Ambassador YORAM ETTINGER analyzes the impact of President Obama's pro-Palestine statements and choice of allies on the relationship between Israel and the United States.

GORDON CHANG, of, provides insight into the Chinese position on Ukraine and its part in greater Russian-Chinese relations.

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With Sebastian Gorka, Fred Grandy, Bill Gertz, and James Carafano. Rich Miniter guest hosts with co-host Jacki.

What happens to regional stability when the U.S. acts without, “overarching doctrines and strategies?”  SEBASTIAN GORKA of Foundation for Defense of Democracies and author of Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism, makes the necessary distinctions concerning Syria’s war to understand the absence of strategy in the role of the United States and the consequences there of.

Former Iowa congressman FRED GRANDY expresses his fear that the $60 million in aid the U.S. is planning on giving to the Syrian rebels is in fact going to the wrong sorts of people. Namely, Islamists who will eventually turn against the United States.

BILL GERTZ of The Washington Times explains that because China is going beyond maritime harassment of Japan to actually moving weapons across the, the likelihood of the US getting involved because of our mutual defense treaty with Japan is greatly increasing.

On the day that sequestration is set to go into effect, JAMES CARAFANO of the Heritage Foundation predicts that in the long run the US will actually end up spending more on defense. Already military training, and from their preparedness, has been hurt by the budget cuts already made pre-sequestration.

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Andy McCarthy starts off today’s show explaining how the Obama Administration seems to be circumventing the Constitution at their leisure. What path is the president leading America down and what will be the consequences his actions in regards to American security?

Jim Carafano from The Heritage Foundation discusses the recent defense strategy unveiled by President Obama and what it means for the United States’ defense capabilities. He then explains the concept of Rotational Forces as a part of the defense budget cuts and its implications on active duty servicemen. Will the U.S. be able to carry out its global responsibilities? Will the U.S. become a second class military power in the world as a result of the cuts in its defense budget? Will these factors lead to WWIII?

Jeff Kueter, President of the George C. Marshall Foundation starts with his assessment of America’s position and standing in regards to the Space. He then points out that there are no vigorous exploration programs and the lack of persistence and tolerance for failures of technology used in such programs. If the administration maintained consistency and provided resources could there be a possibility of developing capabilities to strike targets on land from space?

Jim Hanson a former special operations command officer discusses his views about Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) on its 10th anniversary. The concept of Gitmo has been a brilliant idea as a means of extracting information from hardened radical terrorists, and how appalling it would be close the detention center and send back these terrorists to their home countries to be rehabilitated. The general consensus and feedback from the armed forces has been negative on closing this center and sending these terrorists back so they could rejoin their organizations and fight against the United States. Jim then concludes by expressing his thoughts on Iran’s nuclear program and what the consequences would be if Iran became a nuclear power.

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Weekend Edition Hour 2

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Sharia does not just impact how Americans live, but how the American military does business. Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America highlights this very point, the threat from Sharia and its impact on America’s forces. James Carafano continues the talk on America’s forces, with his initiative of what type of military the US needs as compared to the type of military the US has. Is our military able to combat America’s enemies? Finally, Andy McCarthy updates us on the Obama Administration’s about-face over the 9/11 suspects military trial.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Kai Chen discuss what China is up to in the backdrop of President Hu’s visit to Washington. Next, Peter Schweizer also discus’s China. Then, James Carafano discus’s military budget cuts. Finally, Jim Hanson gives his take on some people’s opinion that the US should withdraw from Afghanistan.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Claudia Rosett discuss what the United Nations is up to and the corruption within the UN along with Sudan and Israeli withdrawal. Next, Frank and James Carafano discuss the mystery missile  off the California coast and the Chinese effort to reroute email traffic through their own systems along with the threat in Germany. Finally, Frank and Sara Carter discuss the Afghan president's decision to stop night raids and gays in the military.

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On today’s program, Frank is joined by James Carafano from the Heritage Foundation. Jim and Frank will be discussing breaking news on al-Qaeda’s operations in the US, as it has been learned that Najibullah Zazi has confessed to collaborating with al-Qaeda in his efforts to destroy parts of New York City. Later, Frank is joined by Claudia Rosett, an investigative reporter from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy and expert on the UN. They will attempt to peal back the mask covering the idea than any real sanctions from the UN will in anyway affect Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Frank will then be joined by Gordon Chang who will discuss the recent warning from Communist China that American Aircraft carriers had better not go into the Yellow Sea. They will discuss what this mean, and whether or not it will create a, “Keep Out” Zone in the Western Pacific that affects our security and that of our allies in the region. Finally, Frank touches on the latest from the G20 Summit.

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