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Representative Mike Turner, Roger Noriega, Mark Krikorian, Fred Fleitz

February 7th, 2013 ·

Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio explains the effects that Chuck Hagel's policies advocating the reduction of America's nuclear arsenal would have on America's safety and security were he to be nominated for Secretary of Defense.

Former Ambassador to the OAS, ROGER NORIEGA, covers a litany of intrigue in the Americas including the Mexican struggle against the cartels, Chinese economic influence in Latin America, and Iranian Venezuelan money laundering.

MARK KRIKORIAN expresses his fear that Republicans, who see a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants as being too rewarding, will be tricked into reaching a middle ground of giving them permanent worker status.
FRED FLEITZ, managing editor of LIGNET, predicts that despite rumors to the contrary, Egypt will not try to get a nuclear program with Iran's help any time soon because it is so dependent on international aid.

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Fred Grandy, Claudia Rosett, Mark Krikorian, and Bill Gertz

December 14th, 2012 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy discusses the likely nominations of John Kerry as Secretary of State and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, as well as the upcoming referendum on the new Egyptian constitution.

CLAUDIA ROSETT, writer at Pajamas Media and, talks about Susan Rice's shortcomings as the United States' ambassador to the UN, and in particular the failure to block the vote that upgraded the status of the Palestinian Authority. Rosett also explains how the Obama administration's refusal to stop sending money to the UN after the vote goes against US policy established in the '90s regarding recognition of Palestine as a full member before it had a physical state.

Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies MARK KRIKORIAN analyzes what we are likely to see in the way of immigration reform. Namely, he predicts a push for renewable work visas, which he argues will create a servant class within the country akin to that of Saudi Arabia. Krikorian argues, however, that any such amnesty or quasi-amnesty must be preceded by actual enforcement of immigration laws, and a real effort made to screen out people who desire to do damage to the country.

Washington Times journalist BILL GERTZ talks with Frank about the possibility of Chuck Hagel becoming the new Secretary of Defense. Confirmation of Hagel would be especially bad considering his support of weakening the U.S.'s nuclear force, despite an international environment that shows such an action would be foolish.

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Mark Krikorian, Dan Bongino, Gal Luft, Gordon Chang

June 18th, 2012 ·

With Mark Krikorian, Dan Bongino, Gal Luft, and Gordon Chang

·         MARK KRIKORIAN of the Center for Immigration Policy discusses Obama’s recent amnesty declaration and how he is ignoring the law of the land for political gains.

Obama administration announces immigration policy change  

·         Senate candidate DAN BONGINO of Maryland explains how the Obama leaks could have only come from the top echelon of the administration and what position it puts our national security in.

Obama Trade Document Leaked

·         GAL LUFT from the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security talks about the need to switch from regular petroleum gasoline to methanol in order to secure our energy independence and boost our economy.

·         Asian analyst GORDON CHANG exposes the instability within the Chinese economy leading back to China’s largest bank.

China Tries to Rescue the Economy, Depositors May Say "No"


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Mark Krikorian, Rep. Mike Turner, Riki Ellison, Jim Hanson

March 14th, 2012 ·

The DREAM Act was established to provide citizenship to people who came to the United States at a certain age, mostly younger ages, stayed a certain period of time and have either received a college education or provided military service. The problem today though, is that people are applying this act to a wide range of illegal immigrants not just the ones it was designed to benefit. Also, shouldn’t our armed forces be compromised of American citizens and not illegal immigrants who are just serving because they have a hidden agenda? Mark Krikorian also explains the E-Verify program, which is a database at employer’s disposal that allows them to screen out illegal immigrants who may have forged their application; problem is Congress is sitting on legislation that would make this voluntary program mandatory. Finally, has naming our naval ships become less of an honor and more politicized?

In order for the Senate to approve the new START Treaty, President Obama had to make certain promises about our nuclear deterrent; so far he has walked away from those promises. Rep. Mike Turner and his colleagues are working on legislation that would force Obama to stand by the promises he made to the Senate and the American people. America has not adequately taken care of its nuclear arsenal; we have not upgraded the technology or modernized the infrastructure that supports the weapons. In order to be a nuclear power we must have a creditable deterrent, not something that is based on decades old technology or hasn’t been tested in over 20 years. It is unbelievable that the president is even considering reducing our nuclear arsenal by 80%; we are the only country that is reducing its nuclear weapons program. Our missile defense shield is the only system that can protect America from an Iranian or North Korean attack and Obama has continually cut that capability.

Riki Eillison educates us on the Israeli “Iron Dome” system that protects civilians from incoming missile attacks. This past week, it withstood over 200 rocket launches with only two scratches and no heavy damage or civilian death. The system detects and intercepts rockets with its own rockets and only targets the ones heading for civilian regions. The US has a three-prong missile shield, first is the GBI (Ground Based Interceptors) that protects homeland America from North Korea or Iran. The second is comprised of 15 battalions of Patriot systems and 23 Aegis ships, which protect our armed forces worldwide.

Finally, there is the European shield, which protects our European allies from an Iranian attack. Obama has clearly stated that his priorities are to protect the homeland, our forces then our allies yet he gives more money to protect our allies than he does our homeland. Europe doesn’t even contribute o this shield, yet they benefit from it and the American people wont stand for it much longer. Obama has also cut the sea based X-Band radar system, which puts a huge hole in America’s missile defense shield. This system has cost the taxpayers $1.5 billion but it is now being used less and less. The president has tested fewer systems in the past three years than under the entire Bush administration.

Is America still a major player in Afghanistan? Are our enemies becoming emboldened by the idea of an American withdrawal? Al-Qaeda and the Taliban will use American withdrawal as a victory and a recruiting tool; Obama does not want to win in, he just wants to leave. Obama is ignoring the fact that America is facing real threats and therefore hollowing out the military is a good idea. Jim Hanson explains that Obama feels any future problems can be solved with the use of SpecOps yet they shouldn’t be used in place of a strong conventional military deterrent.

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Mark Krikorian, Chris Kyle, Gordon Chang

January 9th, 2012 ·

Mark Krikorian explains how the Obama Administration is rubbing stamping immigrant waiver applications to any illegal immigrant married to a U.S. citizen thereby bypassing Congress and the immigration law. Mark then goes into how Homeland Security’s General Council produced an internal memo that listed ways to circumvent aspects of the immigration law in order to approve immigrant applications and provide Amnesty to illegals. The president is ruling by decree and feels American laws and Congress are just impediments to his own desires. The Department of Justice is suing states for their own immigration law if it somehow differs from Obama’s priorities. Obama feels the states must follow his rule and what he wants done. The president is supposed to work for the people, not rule over them like a monarch. What road is this king-like president taking America down? What type of people is he allowing to stay in the United States? What is the point of laws if the president does not follow them and where is Congress in all of this?

Retired Navy SEAL Team 3 operator Chris Kyle spends time with Frank to talk about his new book “American Sniper: Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.” Kyle has been dubbed “Legend” by his comrades and “The Devil of Rhamadi” by his enemies. Kyle has a confirmed 160 kills, the most ever in the U.S. military and explains how that was only possible do to the skill and excellence of the American fighting force in which he served. Kyle also explains how America won the war in Iraq and it is time that Iraq take control of its own country, but the withdrawal did not have to be so expedited.  The cuts to America’s armed forces will leave some in uniform under quipped, making their job harder to do. The Obama Administration is planning on doubling the amount of Special Operators like Kyle, but with fewer resources and less support from conventional forces. SpecOps cannot take the lead in going after America’s enemies, conventional forces are what makes SpecOps successful and therefore are needed in order for men like Chris Kyle to do their jobs.

Gordon Chang closes today’s show with his analysis of the Asian economic slump with is causing most countries in the region to slow down to even contract. This slump can be traced back to the European crisis and Asia sees that crisis as having a long term impact. Export factors in China are closing and any growth the country sees may be just around 1 or 2%. The Communist Party has staked their future on economic growth and without that growth the people will question the government beyond the current unrest which has already gripped the nation. The Chinese government tore down a mosque angering the local Muslim population and thereby creating enemies and conflicts. This is just another example of the Communist party trying to control religion. China is worried America may be paying more attention to their activities. What will this mean for security in the region? What will be the future of North Korea after 6 or 12 months under Kin Jung Un and with the military vying for more power?

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Clare Lopez, Mark Krikorian, Trey Knight, Jim Hanson

August 24th, 2011 ·

As the rebels move closer to overthrowing Qaddafi, it remains to be seen what the Transnational Council will make of a new Libya.  But what is for certain, says Clare Lopez: “these individuals, first of all, are a motley crew.” What Andy McCarthy calls the “Libya Mujahedeen,” the rebels consist of a strong flicker of Al-qaeda, and after years of authoritarian rule absent the values of pluralism, equality and man-made law, lies only an uphill battle for Democracy.  Lopez, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, confirms that Article One of the draft constitution states establishes Islamic law over Libya, with the TNC leading Spokesman a strong advocate of Shariah. Lopez also speaks of Iran’s relationship with Syria and a rivalry with Turkey for the role of regional hegemon.

Next, Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, joins Frank to discuss President Obama's “administrative amnesty.”  By using Prosecutorial Discretion, a very limited authority necessary for any Executive Branch, the Obama Administration is turning that wiggle room within the law into a matter of policy, contrary to the will of Congress.  The policy orders law enforcement to not arrest illegal immigrants that fall in a broad range of categories, and furthermore, those illegal immigrants “in the pipeline,” as Krikorian calls it, of civil proceedings are being released, unless they are a murderer or rapist.  The Administration has, in fact, taunted the use of Immigration law only for use in these cases, “like going after Al Capone for tax fraud,” he says.  Through “Deferred Action” many are released and able to apply for work permits and Social Security numbers.  This growing act of lawlessness denies illegal immigration as a criminal act, and telegraphs the government's acceptance of the practice.  So, Krikorian asks, “How can that not lead to more illegal immigration?”

Then, Trey Knight, Vice President of Knights Armament, explains his company’s contribution to the war efforts by manufacturing the M110 Sniper rifle, used readily in Afghanistan and Iraq.  There is “not another tool that we can put on the ground…that can command the field like a sniper,” says Knight, who describes how this essential weapon has evolved throughout the years.  The technological advances of scopes, silencers, lasers and night vision have “taken the gun to a different level,” he says, but ultimately it’s the soldier’s observation, endurance and intelligence that make the gun successful.  Through his company’s innovation, the sniper has been able to be turned  into a dual weapon, and is saving lives, like Sgt. G below.

Finally, Jim Hanson, our weekly “boots on the ground” perspective, wraps the show with his analysis of the developments in Libya:  “We may have just traded one crazy Islamist for a collection of crazy Islamists, and I don’t know if that is a net gain.”  As it is revealed that billions in Qaddafi’s assets will be transferred from the U.S. to the Transnational Council, Hanson is skeptical that, although the rebels may “get nicer tents” and be “riding around in range rovers,” not much good will be bought for the U.S.  The former Green Beret also comments on the report of the CIA assistance to the NYPD in conducting covert monitoring of Muslim mosques.  Hanson praises the efforts, hopes it can avoid the PC stigma and that it will find public support, adding, “Dearborn, Mich. PD could probably use this help, too.”

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Jon Perdue, Mark Krikorian, Ryan Mauro, Gordon Chang

August 8th, 2011 ·

Will a downgrade in our credit rating lead to a downgrade in our nation’s security?  Standard and Poor’s announcement on Friday comes on the heels of a significant cuts to the military budget and significant growth of threats around the world.  But first, Jon Perdue, of the Fund for American Studies, joins Frank to discuss Hugo Chavez’s use of Cuba’s universal health care and the latest developments with an alleged deal between U.S. Federal Agents and the Sinaloa drug cartel.  Perdue reports on Chavez’s visits for cancer treatment from a Spanish Doctor in Cuba, and points to his younger brother, Adán Chávez, as a possible successor in the event of his death.  He also informs on the newly surfaced tape of Attorney General Eric Holder speaking in 2009 about Operation Gunrunner, proof against his current stance of ignorance on Fast and Furious.  Perdue, the Director of Latin America Programs, also explains how lawsuits of President Rafael Correa have “frozen free speech in Ecuador,” as more and more nations in the region begin to take pages out of the Chavez playbook.

Next, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian discusses the latest activities along our Southern border.  Unlike the metaphorical U.S. “War on Drugs,” Mexico is literally engaged in a military struggle with drug cartels, threatening to leave a power vacuum for terrorist groups like Hezbollah to fill so near to home.  Krikorian explains how the notion of a more secure border than ever is becoming a punch line with a fence that “your Grandmother could hop over.”  Krikorian also calls attention to the significant Lebanese and Iraqi immigrant communities in Mexico, as well as the legal battle between the Justice Department and Alabama, which will likely need to be settled by the Supreme Court.

Ryan Mauro, Founder of, joins Secure Freedom Radio to examine the possible repercussions of the devastating helicopter crash in Afghanistan carrying 30 American soldiers, 22 of whom were members of Seal Team Six.  Mauro explains how the insurgent strike may serve as retaliation in the minds of the Taliban for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and hence boost their morale.  Mauro, author of Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq, also explains why the fall of the Assad regime in Syria would be good for the West, the increasingly likelihood of Turkish intervention there, and finally the perilous situation in Yemen, where all forces vying for control are antithetical to the U.S.

Gordon Chang, our resident Asia expert, concludes today’s show by discussing S&P’s downgrade of America’s credit rating and how it has proven China to be an enemy of the United States.  After years of seeking to supplant the U.S. Dollar, immediately following the downgrade China’s official news agency Xinhua suggested the international community should monitor U.S. monetary printing.  The State-owned People’s Daily also called for treasury holdings to be used as a “financial weapon” against the U.S.  Chang explains how our trade-deficit with China is financing their military build-up, and how President Obama refuses to mention the hostile and belligerent China regime, and Washington’s refusal to confront the ugly truth that the Chinese want to do us harm.

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Mark Krikorian, Henry Sokolski, John Bolton, Gordon Chang

December 6th, 2010 ·

On today’s show, Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies joins Frank to tell us about the Dream Act and its effort to provide amnesty for those who came to this country illegally as children. Next, Henry Sokolski discusses the interesting developments as negotiations with the Iranians are being made in Geneva. Following Sokolski, former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, joins Frank to talk about the START Treaty and the consequences of taking it up during the lame duck session. Finally, Gordon Chang gives us the latest on North Korea.

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Mark Krikorian, Philippe Karsenty, Sara Carter

November 11th, 2010 ·

On this Veterans Day episode of Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Mark Krikorian discuss new and ominous developments on the border. Next, Frank and Philippe Karsenty discuss the demonization of Israel and what that means for the United States. Finally, Frank and Sara Carter discuss the condition of the U.S. military.

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Doug Feith, Mark Krikorian, Sara Carter

September 2nd, 2010 ·

Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, former senior Pentagon official during the Bush Administration, Doug Feith, will weigh in on President Obama's speech and strategy towards Iraq and the START treaty. Next, Frank will be talking to Mark Krikorian, of the Center for Immigration Studies, on the growing threat of drugs, weapons and other threats coming across the  Mexican border. Finally, Sara Carter will be discussing how the president's speech is playing with the troops.

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