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Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio talks about the recently released figures that show astronomical rates of sexual assaults in the US military,  and explains his belief that part of the problem is compounded by a military culture that often re-victimizes the victim.

JOHN WOHLSTETTER, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, discusses a newly published Pentagon report that explicitly blames China for large amounts of hacking of US private and public sector data. The criminals responsible for the cyber warfare, he argues, should be seen as spies, not mere hackers.

MONICA CROWLEY of Fox News reviews the details of new information from the latest congressional hearing on the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Former Major General PAUL VALLELY recounts the controversial issues surrounding the 2011 downing of a Chinook in Afghanistan carrying a rescue response team in which 38 people and 28 members of the American Special Operations community were killed.

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With Fred Grandy, Rep. Mike Turner, James Woolsey, Bill Gertz.

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy reflects on yesterday's Senate filibuster of Chuck Hagel, and gives his reasoning for why Hagel is likely to be confirmed in the end--even despite the video from Rutgers that has just come to light.

Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio discusses the ever-looming threat of sequestration, as well as the State of the Union Address, which Turner says would have included talk of a scaling-back of our nuclear force, if not for the North Korean nuclear test that had just occurred.

Former CIA Director JAMES WOOLSEY points out that one of the major problems with the Obama administration's approach to foreign policy and national security is refusing to accept the idea that religion can promote violence.

Washington Times reporter BILL GERTZ discusses President Obama's new cybersecurity executive order, and expresses his relief that the administration has finally realized that the United States is basically fighting a low level, covert war, even though the order itself is unlikely to prove much of a help.

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Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio explains the effects that Chuck Hagel's policies advocating the reduction of America's nuclear arsenal would have on America's safety and security were he to be nominated for Secretary of Defense.

Former Ambassador to the OAS, ROGER NORIEGA, covers a litany of intrigue in the Americas including the Mexican struggle against the cartels, Chinese economic influence in Latin America, and Iranian Venezuelan money laundering.

MARK KRIKORIAN expresses his fear that Republicans, who see a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants as being too rewarding, will be tricked into reaching a middle ground of giving them permanent worker status.
FRED FLEITZ, managing editor of LIGNET, predicts that despite rumors to the contrary, Egypt will not try to get a nuclear program with Iran's help any time soon because it is so dependent on international aid.

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With Fred Grandy, Ryan Mauro, Bill Gertz, and Rep. Mike Turner

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy gives his weekly wrap-up which includes the upcoming presidential debate that will highlight foreign policy and national security issues. He also gives his take on the Benghazi attack and how the Obama Administration has handled this horrific incident.

Founder of RYAN MAURO gives his analysis of a conference in Illinois that centers aroundthe idea of destroying Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian state.

Journalist BILL GERTZ takes us Inside the Ring which looks at the Benghazi attack and the Chinese Anti-satellite Missile Test (ASAT) and what that means for regional security.

CONGRESSMAN MIKE TURNER gives his take on the upcoming presidential debate and how the last four years has deminished American influence abroad and theratend US security.

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o Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON gives his take on Obama announcing the last US offensive in Afghanistan and what that means to our allies and enemies. He also talks about the defense cuts and how the US is buying faulty military technology from China.

Senator Threatens To Cut Off All Aid To Pakistan

o REP. MIKE TURNER discusses Obama disarming the US while making secret deals with our enemies.

Turner to POTUS: Share Your Draft Agreements of Secret Deals with Russia

o MATT BRODSKY of the Jewish Policy Center talks about the Syrian civil war, which is causing new terrorist organizations to form as well as Obama outsourcing foreign policy.

‘Jihad Central’ in Syria

o Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at Secretary Panetta’s trip to Asia and if America’s allies really believe what he has to say. Also, can the US protect its friends while cutting the defense budget? Investors are hesitant to put their money into China considering the economic strife, what is the future of the Red Dragon?

China’s Revolutionary Thinking on Private Capital

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DIANA WEST discusses the civilization jihad in America and how we are losing our way of life

Military Taking Away Our Soldiers' Right to Self-Defense

FAITH McDONNELL on South Sudan’s plight and the international community’s apathy

Sudan Declares State of Emergency as Clashes Continue

Rep. MIKE TURNER explains the Defense Authorization Bill and how Obama lied in order to weaken our country

Turner: Proposed Missile Defense Cuts Reflect Obama’s Naïveté

GORDON CHANG on the implications of the Chen Guangcheng affair and the future of US/China relations

Blind Chinese Activist Flees Captors

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Dr. Gal Luft, the Executive Director for The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, explains how Methanol is an important form of fuel for our transportation system and our economy. Gal explains how this form of fuel can increase our national security and boost our economy yet the president seems opposed to both.

SWIFT is the international banking telecommunication company that connects banks around the world. If money is to be transferred from one bank to another, SWIFT is in the middle to either approve or deny the transfer. Avi Jorisch explains how SWIFT has put 13 of Iran’s 30 banks on their blacklist, meaning those banks cannot send or receive money outside of Iran. This will seriously disrupt the Iranian business sector and strain their economy, but what about the other 17 banks? According to the SWIFT bylaws, they will not work with any bank that is engaged in illegal activity yet the United States has proven that all 30 of Iran’s banks are in some way connected to criminal activity. Why is SWIFT still working with those 17 other banks? What affect will this blacklist have on Iran’s nuclear program?

Who is to blame for the weakening of our national security? Congressman Mike Turner believes that decision rests solely on the shoulders of the Commander-in-Chief. The president is vehemently working to denuclearize the United States as well as cut our conventional forces which signals to our enemies that it is open season on America. The president has decided to play politics with America’s security, but this is a game that we will ultimately lose. Obama is putting trust in countries that have routinely showed themselves to be untrustworthy. His radical liberal ideology not only puts lives at risk, but the sovereignty of many of America’s allies.

Andy McCarthy explains the repercussions of President Obama’s slip when he was caught yesterday on a live microphone asking the Russian president for more “space” regarding missile defense. “This is my last election” Obama continued, “after my election, I have more flexibility”.  What else is the President Obama putting on hold until after the elections? Is there something else he’s willing to put aside that will risk the safety of our country? Is now getting re-elected more important that the security of the U.S.? what message does this send to the rest of the world, especially our allies?

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The DREAM Act was established to provide citizenship to people who came to the United States at a certain age, mostly younger ages, stayed a certain period of time and have either received a college education or provided military service. The problem today though, is that people are applying this act to a wide range of illegal immigrants not just the ones it was designed to benefit. Also, shouldn’t our armed forces be compromised of American citizens and not illegal immigrants who are just serving because they have a hidden agenda? Mark Krikorian also explains the E-Verify program, which is a database at employer’s disposal that allows them to screen out illegal immigrants who may have forged their application; problem is Congress is sitting on legislation that would make this voluntary program mandatory. Finally, has naming our naval ships become less of an honor and more politicized?

In order for the Senate to approve the new START Treaty, President Obama had to make certain promises about our nuclear deterrent; so far he has walked away from those promises. Rep. Mike Turner and his colleagues are working on legislation that would force Obama to stand by the promises he made to the Senate and the American people. America has not adequately taken care of its nuclear arsenal; we have not upgraded the technology or modernized the infrastructure that supports the weapons. In order to be a nuclear power we must have a creditable deterrent, not something that is based on decades old technology or hasn’t been tested in over 20 years. It is unbelievable that the president is even considering reducing our nuclear arsenal by 80%; we are the only country that is reducing its nuclear weapons program. Our missile defense shield is the only system that can protect America from an Iranian or North Korean attack and Obama has continually cut that capability.

Riki Eillison educates us on the Israeli “Iron Dome” system that protects civilians from incoming missile attacks. This past week, it withstood over 200 rocket launches with only two scratches and no heavy damage or civilian death. The system detects and intercepts rockets with its own rockets and only targets the ones heading for civilian regions. The US has a three-prong missile shield, first is the GBI (Ground Based Interceptors) that protects homeland America from North Korea or Iran. The second is comprised of 15 battalions of Patriot systems and 23 Aegis ships, which protect our armed forces worldwide.

Finally, there is the European shield, which protects our European allies from an Iranian attack. Obama has clearly stated that his priorities are to protect the homeland, our forces then our allies yet he gives more money to protect our allies than he does our homeland. Europe doesn’t even contribute o this shield, yet they benefit from it and the American people wont stand for it much longer. Obama has also cut the sea based X-Band radar system, which puts a huge hole in America’s missile defense shield. This system has cost the taxpayers $1.5 billion but it is now being used less and less. The president has tested fewer systems in the past three years than under the entire Bush administration.

Is America still a major player in Afghanistan? Are our enemies becoming emboldened by the idea of an American withdrawal? Al-Qaeda and the Taliban will use American withdrawal as a victory and a recruiting tool; Obama does not want to win in, he just wants to leave. Obama is ignoring the fact that America is facing real threats and therefore hollowing out the military is a good idea. Jim Hanson explains that Obama feels any future problems can be solved with the use of SpecOps yet they shouldn’t be used in place of a strong conventional military deterrent.

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Josh Levontin, a defense contractor with CAMERO Tech in Israel, reveals the latest defense technologies in Israel. CAMERO Tech has developed a product called ‘Xaver’ which is a product line that can see through walls and other various structures. Will this piece of technology change the battlefield? How can “Xaver” help the IDF to combat enemies such as Hamas and Hezbollah?

Former INS agent Michael Cutler considers the gravity of the lack of agents at the INS. There are approximately 5 to 10 million visa violators who enter the United States legally and go ‘missing’ in the country nowhere to be found. What does this mean for our national security? Does this grant the terrorists and other nefarious characters a ticket into the United States?

Congressman Mike Turner joins Frank to explore the repercussions of President Obama’s attempt to drastically reduce our nuclear weapons by 80%. Obama agreed to upgrade the weapons we have currently as a stipulation when signing the START Treaty, but now he is walking away from that plan. Are we serious about maintaining a nuclear deterrent? If the United States does reduce its nuclear deterrent capacity, will that leave us defenseless against attacks from rogue countries such as North Korea and Iran?

Cynthia Farahat provides us with a behind the scenes look into Egypt and the Arab Spring. Essam el-Erian chairman of the Egyptian Parliaments Foreign Committee, and a member of the Muslim Brother, says that “if you presume to cut any military aid to Egypt, then we will have to change the accord of the Camp David Accord.” Farahat talks to Fred about whether or not the U.S. and Israel take such a threat seriously. The president has added $800 million in aid for the Arab Spring, but what organization would actually be getting that money? Farahat details the support the Muslim Brotherhood has with Hamas which is designated as a terrorist organization. Is the U.S. supporting and funding the wrong regime in Egypt?

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Zuhdi Jasser explains the Obama Administrations efforts to coddle radical Islamists in the Middle East and seek to appease those who would seek to put America under the rule of Sharia law. Does our government truly understand the Islamist agenda and are we protected from such a threat?   

Representative Mike Turner of Ohio joins Fred Grandy inside the Cloakroom to explain what the defense cuts mean to American communities that house defense contractors and Americans who are employed by those contractors.  Also, what will these defense cuts mean to U.S. security at home and our interests abroad?

Reza Kahlili spends two segments with Frank to explain Iran’s belligerence and what that means for Israeli security and ultimately American security. Is Iran ready for a war with America? It seems the Ayatollah has ordered the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to prepare for war. Do the people of Iran support this hostile government?

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