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Elaine Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly, Clare Lopez, Fred Fleitz

January 24th, 2013 ·

With Elaine Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly, Clare Lopez, and Fred Fleitz.

ELAINE DONNELLY, the founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, discusses with Frank how the current administration is forcing its social agenda upon the military with Leon Panetta's announcement yesterday to open all combat jobs in the military to women.

THOMAS DONNELLY, the AEI Director of the Center for Defense Studies, explains how sequestration will impend the military's readiness creating a hollow force and supportive civilian industry.

CLARE LOPEZ, a senior fellow at, examines Hillary Clinton's Senate hearing from yesterday and explains how the current administration is just beginning to realize that they have opened 'a Pandora's box' with the aid that they provided to depose Libyan dictator Gaddafi.

Finally, FRED FLEITZ, from, analyzes everything from how the administration lied about Benghazi, to instability in Tunisia, and finally the threat of a successful North Korean long-range missile test by the end of the year.

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Matthew Boyle, Peter Huessy, Clare Lopez, Gordon Chang

January 14th, 2013 ·

MATTHEW BOYLE, an investigative reporter with, talks with Frank about President Morsi's recent demands of the Obama administration to release 'The Blind Sheik' from federal custody, and how the new administration's nomination of Chuck Hagel will effect this and other security decisions.

PETER HUESSY, the president of GeoStrategic Analysis at, explains the 'Ground Zero' program that would eliminate the US's nuclear program, and Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel's history of nuclear arms reduction.

CLARE LOPEZ, Senior Fellow with The Center for Security Policy, discusses Iran's rush towards nuclear weapons, and the clandestine methods that they employ to obtain information on the US.

GORDON CHANG, columnist at, discusses the vast gap between Chinese and American nuclear doctrines, and how China can no longer hide their nuclear missile testing.

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Clare Lopez, Rowan Scarborough, Adam Kredo, and Fred Fleitz

December 13th, 2012 ·

Former CIA Officer and Center for Security Policy Fellow CLARE LOPEZ joins Frank Gaffney in talking about Egypt's new pro-Shariah constitution, as well as the U.S.'s odd tendency to accommodate the demands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

National security journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH of the Washington Times covers U.S. military aid to the Islamist government in Egypt and the dire effects of upcoming U.S. sequestration.

Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon discusses the chances of Chuck Hagel successfully being approved as Secretary of Defense, and how Susan Rice's personal investments would make her a poor choice of Secretary of State.'s FRED FLEITZ analyzes what the purpose of North Korea's recent satellite launch was, and how the U.S. has unintentionally given Syria a limit of violence within which they can freely operate.

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Diana West, Walid Phares, Daniel Pipes, Clare Lopez

November 28th, 2012 ·

With Diana West, Walid Phares, Daniel Pipes, and Clare Lopez

The true scope of the post-Benghazi cover up has largely been ignored due to the over-focus on the Susan Rice comments. Diana West connects the moving pieces and the evolving narrative surrounding the Sept. 11th attacks in Libya.

Walid Phares gives his view on Morsi’s recent decree which grants him more power over Egypt and the ability to declare laws that the judicial committee cannot renounce. He explains that this new move for more power could be just the beginning to a new dictatorship.

Daniel Pipes talks from Israel about the Israeli cease fire agreement with Hamas and how Morsi cultivated this agreement in a manner that benefits Hamas. He then moves onto Turkey which is becoming increasingly Islamist and therefore poses a threat to both Europe and the fragile stability in the Middle East.

Former CIA officer Clare Lopez analyzes the growing concern over the health of the king of Saudi Arabia. It looks like whoever takes the helm, will not be a friend of the United States and therefore could throw the region into more chaos and instability.

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F. Michael Maloof, Neil Munro, Jim Lafferty, Clare Lopez

October 31st, 2012 ·

With F. Michael Maloof, Neil Munro, Jim Lafferty, and Clare Lopez

MICHAEL MALOOF of WND analyzes the connection between drug cartels and transnational gangs. These cartels are using gang members inside the US to carry out assassinations, kidnappings and torture.

White House corrospondent NEIL MUNRO looks at how Hurricane Sandy has affected the campaigns of both Romeny and Obama. He also looks at how the mainstream media is hiding Obama's failures in order to help him get re-elected.

JIM LAFFERTY of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force educates listeners on a growing number of Islamic charter schools in northern Virginia that are promoting Sharia and underminding US law.

CLARE LOPEZ of the Center for Security Policy gives her take on the Benghazi situation and how the president knew about the attack within two hours of it starting, yet decided to go to bed.

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Clare Lopez, Adam Kredo, Kevin Freeman, and Gordon Chang

October 22nd, 2012 ·

Former CIA Officer and Center for Security Policy Fellow CLARE LOPEZ stops by the show today to talk about the Benghazi attack, Libyan rebels, the Syrian Civil War, and Iran.  Are we really funding and arming rebel factions with connections to the Islamist ideology and organizations like Al-Qaeda? Will we really engage in negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program?

ADAM KREDO of the Washington Free Beacon talks to Frank today about “Benghazigate” and the apparent attempt to deny us information about what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.  Are we inadvertently giving weapons and support to Libyan rebel groups with connections to radical Islamist groups? Kredo also talks about the Department of Energy and its apparent inability to provide adequate security to critical installations, namely those installations housing our nuclear weapons.  Kredo also discusses the sanctions on Iran and their effectiveness.

Was the 2008 economic collapse caused by enemies of the United States? Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow KEVIN FREEMAN stops by the show today to talk to Frank about Economic warfare and financial terrorism.  He talks about a 1999 Chinese book by two PLA Colonels entitled “Unrestricted Warfare” and how it may have inspired enemies of the United States to wage economic warfare on us.

How will China play in tonight’s foreign policy debate?  GORDON CHANG give a depth of background that can’t be found elsewhere.  Another cancellation of Japanese and American joint naval exercises, for example, may signal to China that the U.S. is serious about defending Japanese sovereignty.

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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Clare Lopez, Amb. Yoram Ettinger, Fred Fleitz

September 13th, 2012 ·

With Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Clare Lopez, Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, and Fred Fleitz

Today’s show highlights the recent attacks on American embassies in Benghazi and Cairo. The guests and Frank eliminate the bias and speculation and delve into the details of what motivated these terrorists and if that motivation was somehow sparked by our own governments’ failure to stand strong against our enemies. All of today’s guests give their own unique perspective on the recent events and what America’s response needs to be.

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Christian Whiton, Clare Lopez, Jim Hanson, Rep. Allen West

April 25th, 2012 ·

Christian Whiton, former State Department official

· What does it say when our State Department makes comments pertaining to Department of Defense operations? Christian Whiton gives his perspective on what this comment says about our understanding of the threats against the nation.

· Our leaders fail to understand the threat and therefore fail to create an affective strategy to combat such threats. There are people within the State Department with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, how much influence do they wield?

Clare Lopez, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy

· Clare Lopez joins explains Iran’s nuclear situation, does the United States realize the scope of the threat posed by Iran?

· She also provides her opinion concerning the power the Muslim Brotherhood has in the War of Terrorism against the United States and the rest of the free world.

Jim Hanson, former special operator en in the United States Army

· Jim Hanson gives his take on a senior State Department official claiming, “the war on terrorism is over”.  According to Hanson, The threats are still on going and getting worst.

· He also explains the Obama administration’s role regarding the strategy used in Afghanistan. Is the U.S. Government supporting our troops or our enemies?

Congressman Allen West, Representative of Florida’s 22nd District.

· Congressman West provides his thoughts on the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhoods in America. Do Americans truly understand they face every day?

· As a former member of the U.S Army, he explains how concerning it is to cut our military’s capabilities, especially at a time when they are all that stands between security and destruction. What can we do to protect our troops?

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Jeff Smith, Rep. Peter King, Clare Lopez, Gordon Chang

March 26th, 2012 ·

Pakistan is not in line with Obama’s view of a denuclearized world, they are the only nuclear country that opposed a cap on nuclear material and their nuclear arsenal is growing faster than any other country. According to Jeff Smith, best estimates put Pakistan’s arsenal at around 110-120 weapons with the ability to producer several weapons per year. Pakistan uses India as justification for a growing program, but is the Pakistani government using their nuclear program to garner favor with some nefarious groups? How does India see all this and what is their relationship with the US over Iran?

Congressman Peter King recently held hearings on the Iranian threat inside America. Iran has been “casing” potential targets inside the US, such as NYC subway and bus lines and key buildings. There could be Iranian operatives numbering in the hundreds within the US ready to commit terrorist acts if called upon by the Iranian regime and with tensions mounting, how close is Iran to giving that order? Operatives can easily enter this country through drug channels and instead of bringing cocaine with them, they can bring WMDs. DNI Clapper still holds firm that al-Qaeda is America’s #1 threat, but that is because most Americans, member of Congress and the Intelligence Community are unaware of the Iranian threat within this country. Is it smart that Obama is trying to reduce American nukes while Iran works to build one?

Iran has been at war with the United States since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, yet the United States won’t admit to such a claim. Clare Lopez gives details on Iranian kidnapping and murder operations against American civilians and even points to a December 2011 US court ruling, where a judge ruled that Iran had direct involvement with the 9/11 attacks. US leaders speak hypothetically about an Iranian attack against America, well Iran already attacked America on September 11,2001.

President Obama’s recent visit to Seoul was to acquire Chinese support against North Korean hostility. The problem is, China is not helping America but is actually working against American and regional security. Obama is not doing all that he can because he is afraid to offend Beijing. Gordon Chang explains that the Community Party is splintering and the military is vying for more power, but the party leaders are constantly reminding military officials that they are subservient to the party. Will this lead to a Chinese revolution?

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Caroline Glick, Ariel Cohen, Clare Lopez, Gordon Chang

March 5th, 2012 ·

It would be criminal for Israel to leave their fate in the hands of another country therefore how can they allow Obama to handle the Iranian situation? The president has pressured Israel not to attack Iran until after the presidential elections and he assured Israel that he would deal with this situation and that Israel would be safe. This is coming from a man who was kicking and screaming in order to avoid sanctioning Iran, and only did so after Congress and the European Union pressured him. Obama’s track record for trust when it comes to Israeli security is lackluster at best. Vice-President Biden warned the American Jewish community that they should not make Israel an election topic because Obama would be re-elected and he would remember this, is that a threat? Israel cannot afford to wait until after the presidential elections to attack Iran because Iran is already moving critical nuclear components into a fortified military instillation, thereby making an attack more difficult. Caroline Glick gives further analysis to troubling situation.

Vladimir Putin’s recent “victory” is a bad sign for both Russia and the United States. Putin claimed 63.4% of the vote, after he essentially forced government employees and companies receiving government contracts to vote for him. Russian protests did not mobilize enough people to show Putin that he does not have the support of the populous. Putin’s vision for Russia is “state-capitalism” which means there is a level of free enterprise among the smaller businesses, but the major sectors such as gas and transportation, are in the hands of Putin’s cronies which are former KGB officers. Putin is not playing ball on missile defense, Syria or Iran and in his victory speech, he claimed that he defeated those who want to see the destruction of mother Russia. This statement is made in reference to the United States support for opposition candidates in Russia. Ariel Cohen gives his analysis on the future of Russia and the security implications for the United States.

President Obama has profusely apologized to President Karzai and the Afghan people over the accidently burning of Qurans at a US military base in Kabul. These Qurans were mistakenly burned and when the soldiers realized what was happening, they reached into the flames to pull the books out, yet our president still denounces their actions. These books were used to transmit messages among prisoners, which in Islam is a sin because no one is allowed to write or defile the Quran. These prisoners, who claim to be fighting for Allah, are disrespecting their own holy book yet no one wants to mention this. Also, no one wants to mention that throughout the Muslim world Bibles and Torahs are burned everyday on purpose but when a few Qurans are accidently burned and saved from the fire it causes a huge uproar that results in protests and killings. Now our president is even talking about possibly holding those soldiers criminally responsible and turning them over to a Sharia court; what group of people does Obama work for the Afghan people or the American people? Clare Lopez fills us in on the disturbing details.

What would happen if the Chinese economy collapsed? Recently, the Chinese Premier has lowered China’s growth from 8.0% to 7.3% which is the lowest it’s been in a decade. Gordon Chang claims “china is slowing down fast” and so far this year their growth has been limited to 0-1% which is causing civil unrest. The Communist party has based their legitimacy on economic growth and what fueled that 35 year growth is no longer there. The global market is no longer benign and the work force that propelled China’s economy has aged and is a tax on the economy is helped build. As a result, China has closed of their automotive market to foreign manufacturers forcing the populous to buy domestic cars. This has hurt foreign manufacturers who had bet on the Chinese market, but even Chinese manufacturers are hurting because people aren’t buy cars anymore do to the economic slowdown. Unfortunately, China’s military might resort to misadventures in order to deflect attention away from a possible economic collapse.

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