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Congressman BRAD WENSTRUP representing Ohio's 2nd district:

  • Afghanistan's future, and the roles the US and the Taliban will play
  • Observations about the morale and suicide rate amongst young military veterans
  • The continuing hollowing out of the military and the possibility of more upcoming defense budget cuts

Dr. HENRY NAU, author of "Conservative Internationalism":

  • How the elements of conservative internationalism could help stabilize Ukraine if implemented properly and quickly
  • Evidence that Putin is taking advantage of America's weakness
  • Argument for the establishment of small but permanent NATO bases around Russia

ANDY MCCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • President Obama's tendency to rewrite immigration and refugee laws
  • The mass trial in Egypt that has resulted in hundreds of court ordered death sentences
  • Secretary of State's John Kerry recent statement about a possible "Israeli apartheid"

GAL LUFT, co-director of the Institute for Analysis of Global security:

  • America's energy posture and the opportunities that natural gas and coal present
  • China's ability to warranty vehicles for methanol use, and the US's inability to do the same
  • Proposed South Korea-North Korea natural gas pipeline controlled by Russia

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Congressman LOUIE GOHMERT of the 1ST District of Texas touches on a variety of topics including immigration reform, McCain's recent visit to Syria and his meeting with Syrian rebels, and the Department of Justice scandal.

GAL LUFT of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security explains how the United States can become far less energy-dependent on OPEC if manufacturers start making more flexible-fuel vehicles, and if consumers are wiling to spend an additional $200 or so when purchasing a car.

DOUGLAS MURRAY, Associate Director of the UK-based Henry Jackson Society, describes in further depth the terrorist attack that occurred in London last week and describes some of the reactions the attack provoked in the Islamic community. He also discusses how the terror attacks, though violent and horrifying to outsiders, were not irrational in nature, but rather he points towards the terrorist's ideology  and describes why these terrorists felt they were justified in their actions.

GORDON CHANG of, looks at the recent security breach by the Chinese into some of America's most guarded technological trade secrets including some of the plans for missile defense, as well as looks at the growing problems in China, including the current hoarding of gold by both the Chinese government and the people of China in fear of what's to come.

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ADAM KREDO, senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon, warns of the national security consequences of a Hagel nomination, referencing Hagel's close ties with Iranian interest groups and his desires to pare down the Pentagon, leaving America with a "hollow force" to face up and coming Islamist regimes.

GAL LUFT, author of Petropoly: The Collapse of America's Energy Security Paradigm, knows how to solve the American energy dependence problem. In this exclusive interview, he explains how one simple piece of legislation could cripple OPEC and remove American reliance on foreign oil.

KORI SCHAKE, research fellow at the Hoover Institution, explains that the Obama doctrine will lead to fewer states being willing to step forward to solve problems when they learn how America has treated her allies based on aid given to France in Mali and the hasty withdrawal in Afghanistan.

ANDY McCARTHY, senior fellow at the National Review Institute, asks why we sending F-16s and tanks to an anti-Semitic and anti-Christian Egyptian regime that is cozying up to Iran, one of America's biggest threats.

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With Mark Krikorian, Dan Bongino, Gal Luft, and Gordon Chang

·         MARK KRIKORIAN of the Center for Immigration Policy discusses Obama’s recent amnesty declaration and how he is ignoring the law of the land for political gains.

Obama administration announces immigration policy change  

·         Senate candidate DAN BONGINO of Maryland explains how the Obama leaks could have only come from the top echelon of the administration and what position it puts our national security in.

Obama Trade Document Leaked

·         GAL LUFT from the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security talks about the need to switch from regular petroleum gasoline to methanol in order to secure our energy independence and boost our economy.

·         Asian analyst GORDON CHANG exposes the instability within the Chinese economy leading back to China’s largest bank.

China Tries to Rescue the Economy, Depositors May Say "No"


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Dr. Gal Luft, the Executive Director for The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, explains how Methanol is an important form of fuel for our transportation system and our economy. Gal explains how this form of fuel can increase our national security and boost our economy yet the president seems opposed to both.

SWIFT is the international banking telecommunication company that connects banks around the world. If money is to be transferred from one bank to another, SWIFT is in the middle to either approve or deny the transfer. Avi Jorisch explains how SWIFT has put 13 of Iran’s 30 banks on their blacklist, meaning those banks cannot send or receive money outside of Iran. This will seriously disrupt the Iranian business sector and strain their economy, but what about the other 17 banks? According to the SWIFT bylaws, they will not work with any bank that is engaged in illegal activity yet the United States has proven that all 30 of Iran’s banks are in some way connected to criminal activity. Why is SWIFT still working with those 17 other banks? What affect will this blacklist have on Iran’s nuclear program?

Who is to blame for the weakening of our national security? Congressman Mike Turner believes that decision rests solely on the shoulders of the Commander-in-Chief. The president is vehemently working to denuclearize the United States as well as cut our conventional forces which signals to our enemies that it is open season on America. The president has decided to play politics with America’s security, but this is a game that we will ultimately lose. Obama is putting trust in countries that have routinely showed themselves to be untrustworthy. His radical liberal ideology not only puts lives at risk, but the sovereignty of many of America’s allies.

Andy McCarthy explains the repercussions of President Obama’s slip when he was caught yesterday on a live microphone asking the Russian president for more “space” regarding missile defense. “This is my last election” Obama continued, “after my election, I have more flexibility”.  What else is the President Obama putting on hold until after the elections? Is there something else he’s willing to put aside that will risk the safety of our country? Is now getting re-elected more important that the security of the U.S.? what message does this send to the rest of the world, especially our allies?

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One of the most fundamental rights that the Constitution supports is religious freedom. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, religious minorities are being persecuted and therefore are fleeing their native lands. What can the US do to ensure religious freedom throughout the world? Fred Grandy explains that the US needs to acknowledge the persecution and refuse to work with governments that do not protect freedom of religion. Is the right to religious freedom in America under attack from Sharia?

Americans are feeling the effects of higher gas prices; which in turn is making them question the energy security of the United States. Sarah Steelman talks about how the Obama Administration is failing to do what is needed in order to separate America from foreign oil and to promote energy security within the US. As a result of relying on foreign oil and an aging infrastructure, President Obama is essentially ignoring American energy and economic prosperity. When will he wake up and realize we must be in control of our own energy and our own economy?

Gal Luft piggybacks this topic with his analysis on the need for an open fuel standard, which would give the consumer choices as to how to fuel their automobiles. If this is such a security necessity, why is the president failing to act? It is easy to ignore rising gas prices when you drive around in a motorcade that is fueled by taxpayer money.

Louis Farrakhan spoke at UC Berkley recently and told the African-American students not to become friends with Jews because they were behind African slavery. This bigoted accusation is completely untrue and hypocritical. Charles Jacobs explains how there is still African slavery going on today, but the perpetrators are mostly other Africans and Muslims. Farrakhan claims that African-Americans should convert to Islam because it will set them free, yet he hides the fact that Islamic countries are enslaving Africans, even African Muslims.

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Retired Lieutenant General and President of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Nicholas Kehoe joins Frank to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Kehoe discusses what exactly this award represents as well as the type of people who receive it.  The best description of the award, which comes from the book Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty, is that soldiers “earn it at the intersection of happenstance and hell”.  It embodies characteristics that apply to people in their everyday lives and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation works to spread these ideals through their development programs.


Claudia Rosett, journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and former writer for The Wall Street Journal, joins Frank to discuss the topic of Kim Jung Il.  His only legacy is that of a missile proliferator who ran a repressive regime and engaged in drug-trafficking and the counterfeiting of American currency.   It would be a mistake for Obama to perpetuate his regime by striking deals with his successor.  In addition, it appears that Hillary Clinton is mimicking such behavior by allowing the advancement of the agenda of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the United States, after the recent State Department-OIC conference in Washington. 


Frank’s next guest today is Gal Luft, Executive Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and senior advisor to the US Energy Security Council.  Mr. Luft addresses what he calls the “energy security paradox” in which we have significantly reduced our dependency on foreign oil over the past seven years, yet we are becoming poorer and deeper in debt.  This is because even with self-sufficiency, we do not have control over the price of oil.  Luft suggests that we can only regain control by introducing new competition to offset the oil monopoly. 


Today’s show concludes with former U.S. Special Forces operator Jim Hanson speaking with Frank about the 150th Anniversary of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Joe Biden’s ineptness as Vice President, and Bradley Manning. In the wake of the anniversary of this award for service to our nation, some recent events are unsettling.  Joe Biden recently commented that the Taliban are not our enemy.  This comment reflects our poor national security policy regarding Afghanistan.  Similarly, the release of classified military information by US Army soldier Bradley Manning highlights the issue of how this administration turns a blind eye to certain security issues.

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The Frank Gaffney Show Weekend - Hour 3

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Gal Luft discusses the president’s speech on energy security. Next, Roger Noriega from the American Enterprise Institute, analyzes the growing threat from Venezuela as well as the mounting threat from terrorism, arms dealing, China and Russia within the region. Then, Doug Feith of the Hudson Institute explains how the president’s Libyan policy has the consent of foreign entities, but not of the American congress. Finally, Sara Carter looks at how the Libyan campaign is affecting the American troops.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Barry Rubin discuss the Muslim Brotherhood and the turmoil facing Egypt. Next, Gal Luft discusses the implications of all the chaos consuming the Middle East, especially in regards to the price of oil. Then, former CIA operative Gary Berntsen discusses the forces at work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Finally, Gordon Chang discusses the prospects of the Islamists rise in China.

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